Porsche History as Hitler’s Henchman

Of course everyone is familiar with the dazzling little sports coupe known as Porsche and its many models: 911 Carrera (how unfortunate), the Boxster,  the Cayman GT4 and on and on. The sports car has nothing to do with most of this blog. It’s a status symbol with an impressive appearance that probably picks up a lot of chicks if that’s your goal. That’s the pretty, impressive side of Ferdinand Porsche who, being a family man, also included his son Ferry Porsche Jr. in his automobile empire. Whatever.

History of Hitler and Porsche
Dr. Ferdinand PorscheHere’s the Porsche Sr. I truly despise and that few people know about today. Porsche was a true Fascist and was in big-time with Adolf Hitler during the Second World War. Don’t believe me? Google it. Porsche was one truly misguided man. Here’s the clincher: Porsche wasn’t German. He was Czech, a “race” Hitler considered to be “sub-human.” Oh dear. Something would have to be done about that. During the lengthy time Hitler and Porsche worked together he suggested Porsche become a German citizen, which Porsche immediately did. Anything to keep the big man happy. Oh, and to keep making money during the war of course.

The World’s First Economy Car
Hitler commission Porsche in 1934 to design a car that would cost as much as a motorcycle, cheap and affordable for the German people. Porsche had to work hard at that one but he eventually succeeded and designed the Volkswagen (we call it a Beetle for obvious reasons). Volkswagen was Hitler’s choice of name, meaning “car (wagen) for the people (volks).” Hitler imposed a fee of 34 marcs on every German family after the Volkswagen was manufactured with the aim of selling the automobile to these impoverished families (think war, right)? Whether you wanted a car or not you were supposedly getting one.

Except you didn’t. You paid your 34 marcs and every penny of it went into German armament factories to boost the war effort. In fact only 200 Beetles came off the assembly line and not one German family was blessed with this brand new tinker toy. The German people were none the wiser. Once again they were fooled by their anti-Christ leader. Even if they were onto Hitler what could they do about it? Unless you wanted to step onto a train bound for a concentration camp, you didn’t object too loudly.

The Nazis praised Porsche as the Great German Engineer. Ah but it didn’t stop there. In 1937, Porsche joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party  (becoming member no. 5,643,287) as well as Schutsstaffel (SS). By 1938, Porsche was using the SS as security members and drivers at his factory, and later set up a special unit called SS Sturmwerk Volkswagen. Such an ethical man. In 1942, Porsche reached the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer. During the war, Porsche was further decorated with the SS-Ehrenring and awarded the War Merit Cross.

Ferry Porsche and the Nazi Party
Ferry Porsche wrote in his autobiography that not long after his father’s death, U.S. investigators found an SS Gedenktafel_Albert-Einstein-Ring_49_(Kleinmachnow)_Ferry_Porschemembership application in Ferry’s name. He told them to check the signature since Himmler had given him an honorary membership. After checking the signature he was told by a U.S, official that there was no evidence that he was really in the SS. Ferry insisted it was possible that the same process applied to his father who was known for being apolitical and not wearing the German uniform. Well now. Let’s take a closer look at that one.

Anyone who works closely with Hitler to create a first in the automotive industry, eradicates his national citizenship, joins the Nazi party and accepts full rank within this party, is not likely to have been anti-Fascist. Note that Ferry insisted his father was apolitical and didn’t wear the German uniform. This doesn’t mean Porsche was anti-Nazi and secretly rejected Fascist philosophy. He most definitely did accept rank with Hitler and was obviously proud to do so.

To his credit, Ferry tried to defend his father out of respect and he tried to separate his family from the Nazi regime. After all, the war was long over after Ferry penned his autobiography and the world had long since turned against Hitler and his Fascism. This isn’t to say that Ferry himself was opposed to the Nazi party. Being Porsche’s son and well under his influence I am convinced that Ferry was as closely aligned with Hitler’s party as his father.

800px-VolkswagenBeetle-001It’s in hindsight that many of us realize the grievous mistakes we have made in our lives. Although Porsche Sr. was not such a person, it is possible that Ferry learned from the experience. Then again, who wants to admit he detested Jews and privately revered his family’s history with Adolf Hitler? The Porsche family didn’t build an empire based on stupidity.

Mean time all of you lovers of the Porsche status symbol and drivers of that cute, little (over-priced) VW Beetle, I salute you. Heil!

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