Heinous Helen Horrified her Hapless Mother

Deathly Dames Inc.

moore-helenp-apr10-1980cFullwood Place, Claymore Suburb, Sydney, Australia – 1976 –  14-year-old Helen Patricia Mooreis a disturbed, unhappy kid. She was rebellious and a bit of an outcast with few friends. No wonder. Moore had a hair-trigger temper that ignited over the oddest things: she tore out a fistful of her younger brother’s hair after losing a game of cards to him. She ripped the limbs off of dolls. This was Mommy Dearest’s first inkling that something wasn’t quite right with her offspring. 34-year-old Jesse Moore brought her troubled teenager to a psychiatrist. Moore behaved like an angel during the visit. Demurely dressed with her eyes downcast, she politely answered the psychiatrist’s questions. He was satisfied that she exhibited normal teenage thinking. Moore was “part angel, part nightmare,” Jesse told the doctor.  She spoke of a premonition that warned her that her daughter might one day commit terrible crimes, and of her…

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