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Deadly Dolls Dominate Dreadful Films

haunted-dolls-32013pt2Well, sometimes. Ever noticed how many films use children’s dolls and clowns to spook the audience? Consider some of these:

  1. Child’s Play – Chucky was one ugly little monster who supposedly embodied the spirit of a serial killer.
  2. Dead Silence – a nasty ventriloquist’s dummy with secrets about a woman’s murder.
  3. Puppet Master – A man finds the secret to a puppeteer’s sinister dolls who come to life, then he kills himself.I own several marionette puppets. Should I be worried?
  4. Dolls – a group of people take shelter from the rain in a mansion and discover a collection of haunted dolls. This movie has the most haunted dolls of any horror movie ever made.
  5. Dolly Dearest – a family opens a toymaker shop in Mexico beside a Sanzian grave and their dolls become possessed by a nasty poltergeist
  6. Tourist Trap – a creepy man terrorizes a group of young people in his museum using his mannequins
  7. Poltergeist – the creepy clown doll that moves around a bedroom then drags a kid underneath his bed. This one is especially creepy since two actresses in the film died for real, one of whom was murdered by her boyfriend.
  8. Magic – Fats the ventriloquist dummy who possesses his owner. (Fats isn’t actually fat – he’s quite then and dapper).
  9. Trilogy of Terror – the Zuni witch doctor doll who attempts to murder Karen Black (Amelia). This link is the entire story in the trilogy.
  10. Saw – Don’t you love the tricycle doll? The scariest thing about the doll – he looks like Gene Simmons.
  11. Sesame Street–  the Count. Seriously. In the older episodes, he used to be able to “silence” the other muppets by zapping them with a momentary spell, and he was downright creepy. A slick dresser, however.
  12. Annabelle – this is one of the worst, lamest horror movies ever. The doll itself did nothing (it fell off the bed once, I think, if memory serves).  She probably hurt herself that time instead of anyone else.  She looked creepy and that in itself has its own charm.

Haunted Dolls
The reason I bring these dolls and puppets to your attention is this: I love dolls Screen-shot-2011-10-31-at-6_41_50-PM-640x450and I love puppets. I have an awesome puppet collection – half of which are marionettes. I have a mannequin of a female “mummy-mommy” who sings to her dead baby (for real – not in my mind – she runs on batteries).So recently I decided it was time to shop around for a haunted doll, one that was supposedly haunted by the paranormal. Seriously.

I am quite a skeptic about this stuff and I don’t believe in spirits, demons, possession or ghosts. I realize this stuff is probably a scam but it all sounds so Halloween-y. And it’s the closest thing to Chucky I’ll ever get my hands on.

I found one interesting website that sells “haunted dolls”. AJ’s Haunted Dolls The stories behind the spirits that supposedly inhabit these dolls are included. Some of the spirits are male or female, some are children, some are teens and some are adults.

David’s Haunted Dolls David doesn’t sell his dollies but he has an interesting site you might want to check out.

Pronto.com – Haunted Attic Doll (spirithalloween.com) – actually there are loads of haunted dolls on this site but they aren’t actually haunted (are you shocked)? They are fun, creepy dolls to add to a rather oddball doll collection (such as my own).

Sites about haunted dolls:

Creepy-Ass Dolls – a funny book you can purchase on Amazon.com. So far as I know the book isn’t haunted.

Real Haunted Dolls – website featuring a museum of haunted dolls

Hell, some people think old dolls and clown dolls are creepy anyway, whether they’re touted as haunted or not. Why not have some fun with it?

Here’ a word to the wise about purchasing a haunted doll or other object. Some people have investigated “haunted” dolls and blogged us a habeus corpus (let the buyer beware). The authors are such dolls for helping us out.
The 7 Most Questionable Haunted Items on eBay – I love this article.
Demonic Dolls – The Possession of a Plaything

2 thoughts on “Deadly Dolls Dominate Dreadful Films

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to Ask you to remove Aj’s Haunted dolls from this list. She is a scam artist, as well as using terror tactics within the doll making/selling community to create a monopoly on the market. these are true for the following facts.

    1.) think to yourself… hauntings of all kinds are called “Paranormal” meaning they are outside of regular experience, and not a common occurrence. But for 15yrs Aj has been selling what she claims are haunted dolls… by the HUNDREDS every day… if haunting truly does exist, then it would be mathematically impossible to sell that many haunted dolls, because then the phenomenon would be “Normal” not “Paranormal.

    2.) She uses a standard pyramid scheme to recruit people to sell her dolls, and force new artists and sellers out of the market, sometimes with less than reputable tactics.

    3.) It is documented that the stories about the dolls are made up, as a selling point for gullible buyers.

    With all that said, there ARE real haunted dolls, and there are people that sell the REAL DEAL, but they are a rarity, not an everyday commodity, and the real haunted doll sellers do a heck of a lot more than take your money and ship you a doll… they spend hours talking to you to make sure you know what you are getting into. In the interest of the community, please remove her link.

    *No part of this comment is to be sent to any party other than the site owner and myself, and is meant only for commentary purposes*

    1. Interesting information. Where do you get it from? And you are a doll for providing people with this information.

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