Ghoulish Gacy was Glaringly Different from the Get-Go

Killers Without Conscience

Chicago, Illinois. You know who John Wayne Gacywas while he lived: one of the most prolific (as they call them) serial Johnwaynegacypogokillers in American history. He was known as the Killer Clown because he dressed up as Pogo the Clown and attended children’s birthday parties and various community events. Tellingly, the sharp corners Gacy painted at the edges of his mouth are discouraged in professional clowns, so as not to scare children. Even his clown makeup was creepy. If you ever feared clowns before, you’ve got another reason now.

Gacy preyed on boys and young men. He liked them between 15 and 20. Teenagers especially appealed to him because they were utterly naive and easy to overcome physically. Gacy raped and murdered 33 young men, burying them beneath the crawl space in his house, between 1972 – 1978 before he was finally caught, convicted, and executed by lethal injection in 1994 in the state…

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