Catch Her if You Can

Killers Without Conscience

aka Brooke Reid Henson, was a girl with city smarts. Young and pretty, Reed never seemed to abc_Reed_Henson_080204_mshave enough money to spend, probably because she couldn’t and didn’t like to hold down a job. Work was such a yawn. Reed wanted money the easy way: through fraud and identity theft, and she was  successful at it. Brooke Reid Henson wasn’t merely an alias; Henson was a real girl who had gone missing in 2006 fromTravelers Rest, South Carolina. On July 4, 1999 Henson walked awayfrom a house party in Travelers Rest, S.C., and was never seen again. Police feared the 20-year-old woman had been slain. Just in case authorities began to close in on her, Reed used two more aliases:Jennifer Myers, Natalie Fisher and Natalie Bowman.

Esther Reed, born March 8, 1978, to Ernie and Florence Reed. Reed’s parents separated in the early…

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