Memory #5

This is an example of a phenomenon where parents abuse only one child in the family (the scapegoat), then use covert means to encourage the other children to do the same. The family becomes a network of abuse for the scapegoated child.


When I was a little girl, my brother used to tell me really scary things before I went to bed. He also did strange pranks such tie a string to a shoe and pull it up the steps after I went to bed. My parents heard this but never said anything. My Dad was half deaf but I am sure my Mother heard it. She probably helped my brother come up with his plan to scare me. The sound of what sounded like a someone climbing the staircase really frightened me. I had my own room and slept by myself. So many night I was terrified. My heart would race and I slept on my back and would not move. My Mother would not let me have a night-light. She didn’t believe in wasting electricity.

I think it was the night that my brother fixed up cans outside my window that I became so horrified that I…

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