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Writing Wackos and Weirdos a Way of Life for Wearisome, Wistful Women

Okay. Here we go.  I’ve blogged about death groupies before but this one has a slight twist to it. If you are interested in online dating an inmate in a maximum security guiltyprison, seek no more.  I have found a number of creepy links for you to pour over, whilst your heart throbs with anticipation.  Ick. For people with no such interest, I applaud your sanity. Presumably, you’re reading this blog because you find it interesting. And since you’re the kind of person who obviously likes to hear about people who live on the dark side of life, this one will keep you fairly entertained.  Enough said.

On a previous blog about death groupies who fall in love with inmates, I listed some possible reasons why such women and men seek out the favours of a murderer, serial killer, or rapist. Bottom line: only the Lord knows. To quickly sum it up, there was one major possibility, that the women who become involved with these men live precariously through them. They are women with rage and sorrow yet they are unable to express their emotional wreckage. Instead, they associate with men who have destroyed, tortured, and degraded, the very acts they wish they could do but can’t.  Ick.

belgiancageAnyhoo. The internet is making contact with these freaks easier and easier. I was under the impression inmates had no legal access to the internet, however I am wrong. Certain prisons do allow their prisoners to hop aboard the internet bandwagon and chat away with anyone they like. That’s just wrong, but it’s legal and it’s happening. I question the wisdom of allowing sick, warped human beings to connect with the outside world via computer. True, there is snail mail and sending each other photographs but why make communication any easier? It seems to me this makes preying on unsuspecting victims very convenient for the men who will live out their lives in lock-up. There’s a reason these dangerous men are prohibited from physically associating with the outside world and death groupies either idolize these reasons or refuse to believe them. There’s a sucker born every minute.

rapingOf course the cons have a plethora of reasons to become involved with women on the outside. Many of them “con” money out of their victims. You’d think that sort of thing wouldn’t be permitted in prison, but it is. Their women send other supplies that are permitted in the big house. They write their life stories to these men and these deranged criminals write back in a convincing soap opera manner, as if they truly had a conscience and a heart, and truly cared. Pah. A woman can convince herself of anything if she is desperate enough.

Now where were we?  Ah, yes. The internet makes it even easier and more enticing for women to hook up with horrible hoods inside the House. There are dating sites specifically for jailbirds and women. Can you believe that? Can you imagine yourself trolling for an inmate with the desperate hope the two of you will fall in love?  FYI, here’s a list of online dating sites for inmates and women:

Online Sites for Inmates

Prison Dating.com Prison Dating Site i

madmotherDescription:  Prison Dating Site is where those of you single men and women who are currently serving time in jail can find companionship easily and comfortably. Our site is not here to question you about your past or why you may be in prison – our business is to help you find someone special to make a connection with.  We have even found that our site has been used by our incarcerated members to get in touch with others who are also in prison, usually because both parties can sympathize with their situation, and these relationships have often led to romances when both parties are released.

Inmate Passions

A free online dating & social networking site specifically for people currently or formally incarcerated, and those interested in them. Whether you spent a little time in prison, or the local jail, or you are under house arrest, Inmate Passions is a site where you aren’t judged for your past mistakes, but rather, you are accepted regardless of them

Inmates for you.com

This site is an index of sites for both prisoners and people on the outside to contact one another via the internet.

Site for Free People

Initial connection is through the internet, followed by snail mail.


prison-bars-imageMen and women who are incarcerated can benefit enormously from becoming pen pals with people on the outside. Many inmates have become out of sight, out of mind to their family and friends, offering friendship can be a great way to keep their spirits up and let them know they are not alone.

convict mailbag.com  – a snail mate site where free people contact inmates. This prison pen pal site may, in fact, be their only hope for any contact whatsoever beyond the concrete walls, dark gun towers and electrified fences that surround this nation’s prison system. Thus, a letter from you, written in your spare time and slid under the cell door by a prison guard during “Mail Call,” will bring a smile and some temporary relief from a dark and lonely existence!

Contact via email and inmate responds in writing

nazi%20soldiers%20marchingconvict penpals.com    While email forwarding is available through our service and emails received for prisoners may be printed and forwarded to them at our discretion, we may also for any reason decline to forward email message(s) and without notification or explanation to the sender(s).

http://writeaprisoner.com  Our programs do not cost taxpayers one cent. In fact, we lessen the burden on taxpayers. By reducing recidivism, we reduce America’s need to build more costly prisons. We have received countless letters and emails from released inmates telling us how a pen-pal from our site led to them getting their lives on track. Together – you and WriteAPrisoner.com – we are changing the world for the better.

Reaching Beyond the Walls  In our constant effort to connect our prisoners with pen pals we have decided to make e-mail available as a way to communicate with the prisoners. Now you can e-mail any of the prisoners by clicking on the e-mail link at the bottom of their personal ad. These will be printed and forwarded to the inmates.

Canadian Inmate Connect Inc.com   Steve Mehlenbacher, is serving his fourth federal sentence after a total of 16 bank-heist convictions. Mehlenbacher said prison staff he’s spoken to about the website think it’s “awesome,” although they do have concerns that some inmates aren’t always honest about their convictions. He also urged people to look into a prisoner before opening up a dialogue. “You’re writing a federal inmate — it’s a dangerous thing... These guys are the real deal,” Mehlenbacher said.”There are bogeymen in here.”

Prison Women Inmates

knife_generic_295Just like women on the outside, women under correctional supervision desire love, dating, friendship, and sexual companionship.

There are many  more. Some allow both prisoner and free people to correspond over the internet. Some only allow a snail mail correspondence. But the one thing they all share is a warning to people who write to inmates. You’re taking your own safety into your hands and anything that happens to you isn’t their fault. An apt warning for a risky writing pal.

2 thoughts on “Writing Wackos and Weirdos a Way of Life for Wearisome, Wistful Women

  1. This is a great post. It is spot on. Would you consider writing a piece for my friend’s facebook site? It is called “Stop the Use of Prison Pen Pal Sites.” Or alternatively can we use excerpts of your piece here and put the appropriate credits?

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