Is it abuse or the devil?

Some women have no business calling themselves mother.


I received some comments today to some of my blog posts that got me thinking. I decided to post a response I left for one comment. It was a great comment suggesting perhaps my Mother was abused and that is why she became abusive.

Hi: It is pretty incredible isn’t it? What kind of Mother calls her daughter a little idiot as a nickname? I am familiar with Freud and I understand projection and agree that is what is going on with her, at least to some extent. I don’t agree with the idea that she was abused. I think she made a decision to be an instrument for evil. I think it came more from being spoiled than abused. Greed, selfishness and jealousy seem to be the guiding forces in her behavior. My aunts are not warm and fuzzy people but they are like Mother Teresa compared to my…

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