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Tales from the Crypt – a Mechanical Mastery

INTRODUCING THE CRYPT KEEPER One of the all-time mind-blowing puppets on TV has to be the Crypt Keeper. Five men were responsible for his creation, all of them big-time producers and directors: Richard Donner Joel Silver Robert Zemeckis Walter Hill David Giler A 6th man, Kevin Yagher, was in charge of CK’s production. He designed Chucky… Continue reading Tales from the Crypt – a Mechanical Mastery

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We Need Psychopaths, Sometimes

Oddly enough, the other side of the psychopath is the one that seems to do good for others. You’ve heard of the psychopath test about the train track and flicking the switch, I’m sure, but just to quickly recap: you’re the engineer of a train with 200 people on it.  Ahead of you the track forks… Continue reading We Need Psychopaths, Sometimes