The Origin of Hate

The worst kind of crime is that which is hate-oriented. That includes a plethora of criminal acts, including but not limited to:

  1. rape
  2. assault
  3. murder
  4. serial murder
  5. arson
  6. race-oriented crime
  7. sexual orientation
  8. nationality
  9. religion
  10. bullying
  11. abuse
  12. abduction
  13. torture

I could go on and on but you get the idea. The basis for all of these crimes in my opinion is hatred: hatred towards others who are different, people of the opposite sex, hagirl%20fighttred based on a traumatic past, hatred based on current trauma or abuse.  It is, above all, self-hatred that is projected onto an external target. That sounds wrong, but when you consider it, it makes sense. A person can walk up to you and put a gun to your head and kill you, but that isn’t about you.  It is about their hate and their personal issues that make them commit such an act.  Sadly, their own insecurities, unhappiness, rage, lack of control is directed outward onto others, making the helpless into victims. How many times have you heard that a victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Isn’t that the situation with most crime, and therefore with most self-loathing and self-hatred?

This doesn’t apply when a particular person or person/s are targeted. For instance, the jilted, jealous husband who murders his wife hasn’t committed a randomchristianity1 attack. He sought her out specifically because of mental problems of his own. In that sense, due to his skewered thinking, his hatred actually stems from within him. He uses his wife as an outlet for his anger. Where does hate originate from? When was the first murder or assault ever committed?  If you are a Christian or a priest and you might state hate began when Cain slew Able, then tried to cover it up (perjury) when God asked him if he’d seen his brother recently. Of course, this is a story, not a real situation, but the parable is meant to emphasize that hate, assault, and murder are ages old.  Like life and death, it has no beginning and no end.

If you are an anthropologist you might state that what appears to be the first “hatebigdaddies” crimes, judging solely by the outcome, originated during the  Pleistocene Era (when Neanderthals reigned) and the Paleolithic Era (when the Denisova Hominins reigned), roaming the earth in search of food, water, mates, territory, and sometimes a good fight. However their battles, which usually ended in the

death of some members of tribes that challenged each other, didn’t truly operate in a hateful sense as we know it today.  Their motive was survival…preferably of the fittest.  It didn’t take hatred to ensure this outcome.  It took instinct.  And guts. A gut instinct.

If you are4185770561_5e2389063a_z a historian or a biologist you might state that hate was a matter of fake it til you make it.  Violent behaviours among earliest humans became slowly became more predatory and ingrained into the human brain. This may be the first seeds of hate that were sewn and made their way into current human  behaviour. Over many, many years, perhaps the  instinct that started out as a means of ensuring one’s survival, became something more insidious. It became hate. This of course depends on whether you believe that evil  can be genetic, and can be passed on through DNA.

If you are an FBI agent, you might state that hate in America history began around the tchambers-kkkime of slavery.  Hate crimes began to be investigated during WWI, centering around white against black crime and the reverse. It was the KKK that roused the public’s attention and necessitated federal investigation into hate crimes. This is not to state of course that these investigations were conducted fairly and without bias. This is merely a historical American fact.

If you are aneglect1 philosopher, a historian, or an educator, you might state that hate originates from learning. Teaching prejudice and hatred to one’s children ensures these behaviours continue from one generation to the next. It is an education in hate that creates a repetitive cycle and insofar as war is concerned, we haven’t learned that lesson.

The origin of hate crime is impossible to pinpoint, since it began in different cultures at different times around the world. Hate and hate crimes however are infectious, like a contagious disease th2777635805_4b22171c43_zat, once unleashed, spreads uncontrollably throughout human society. The hatred demonstrated in crimes against race are particularly ironic, given that geneticists and anthropologists have proven that human life, as we know it today, originated in Ethiopia, Africa, White hating blacks?  Blacks hating Asians? Asians hating Mexicans? We all descended from one people and one DNA. There is no difference in human DNA regardless of colour. In fact it was a genetic mutation that led to the creation of the white race (I swear I already thought that one up myself before doing any research). It must have been since our origins are black. Since that is the case, where and how did white skin originate?  When humans began leaving Africa 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, a skin-whitening mutation appeared randomly in a sole individual. That mutation proved advantageous as humans moved into Europe. Why? Because it upped the amount of vitamin D the migrants had.  Okay so I didn’t know about the vitamin D part, but I knew in a general sort of way that white had to be a mutation.

Having said that, mutations can be gorgeous depending on your viewpoint.  Models with extremely long legs and great height are considered to hapradve anatomy that is a genetic mutation, for instance.  Millions of women average out around 5’5″ tall.  The “average” (does that even make sense?) model averages out around 5’10” tall. This is considered by biologists and geneticists to be a mutation…just not a gross one. Red hair, blue or green eyes, monozygotic (identical) twins, these are all genetic mutations.  Simply put a GM is something in our DNA that doesn’t do what we think it is supposed to do. This rarity can be considered exceptional in good and bad ways, it’s all in the perspective. And perspective carries with it hatred, by nature.  By nature?  We are back to the original question: where does hate originate?  For that matter, why does it exist at all? Is hate the origin of pathology? Psychopaths do not have a conscience, nor do they have empathy.  This apathetic regard towards other people is possibly the epitome of hate as we know it.

Skin, hcrying-girlair and eye colour may be considered gneral genetic mutations, as well as height, weight and other physical traits. So can more negative or challenging developments: mental disorders and syndromes, such as autism, diseases, learning disabilities, mental handicaps and mental illness. Who was it that decided a skin colour that was different from his or her own was a negative mutation and therefore something to fear and hate (since hate is frequently a result of ignorance and fear). Who decided that clothes, food, sexual orientation, creed, and language was a threat to an established order? Who denoted a particular race as superior to any other? Could the origin of hate have begun when humans dispersed and sucked up their vitamin D somewhere in France or Italy? If that’s what vitamin D does to the human brain, perhaps less is much, much more.  Too much more.

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