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Stuck with a Stupid, Stinkin’ Stalker?


This blog started out as a blog about in-person stalking, not a subject that interests me in particular. Then it grew into a blog about stalking and cyberstalking, which I discovered is a subject that does particularly interest me. I hear so much about “regular stalking”, if there is such a thing, (and see enough of it on prime time television) that I figured, meh, big deal. Naturally I uncovered perversions about stalkers that are weird enough to rouse my interest (take that for what it is). “Stalking” by definition, refers to repeated harassing or threatening behavior by an individual, such as following a person, appearing at a person’s home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person’s property. Any unwanted contact between two people who communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking. Here’s a creepy fact:

  • There is no single psychological or behavioral profile for stalkers. Every stalker is different.  However, there are general traits that many stalkers display and that can be used to determine whether a person’s behaviour constitutes stalking, and also,  the degree of danger s/he poses toward the victim.

It is vital that stalking victims immediately seek the advice of local victim specialists who can work with them to devise a safety plan for their unique situation and circumstances.  The most prevalent type of stalking involves some previous personal or romantic relationship between the stalker and the victim. This includes domestic violence cases and relationships in which there is no history of violence. In these cases, stalkers try to control every aspect of their victims’ lives. The victim may feel vulnerable,  have nightmares, experience changes in his or her eating and sleeping habits, feel depressed or hopeless, and experience a lack interest in things that were once enjoyed. Small wonder: stalking is a means of psychological torment.

The support network in a community may include hotlines, counseling services, and support groups. Trained victim advocates can provide vital information and a full range of support services, such as assistance through the criminal justice process and help finding out about your rights as a stalking victim. All states now have crime victim compensation programs that reimburse victims for certain out-of-pocket expenses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial needs considered reasonable when escaping a stalker’s clutches. To be eligible, the victim must report the crime to the police and cooperate with the criminal justice system.


  1. One out of every 12 women (8,200,000) and one out of every 45 men (2,000,000) in the United States have been stalked at some time in their lives.
  2. The majority of stalking victims (74 percent) are between 18 and 39 years old.
  3. Only 23 percent of female stalking victims and 36 percent of male stalking victims were stalked by strangers
  4. Thirty-eight percent of female stalking victims were stalked by current or former husbands, 10 percent by current or former cohabitating partners, and 14 percent by current or former dates or boyfriends.
  5. has different criminal consequences in different jurisdictions
  6. Most stalkers are young to middle-aged men with above-average intelligence.

Cyberstalking is considered the most serious type of online harassment, worse than cyberbullying or cyberharassment. Itis “the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on posing a credible threat of harm.” With cyberstalking, a victim may never actually meet or even see the stalker. Instead, emails or text messages of a personal or threatening nature are directed toward a person from someone who is not known to the victim.  A victim may receive sexts or discover that someone has found out personal information through public or private Internet records.

Cyberstalking can also involve the cyberstalker in the act impersonating the victim and performing online activities in the victim’s name. This can include posting inflammatory messages to online bulletin boards and in chat rooms, causing viewers of that message to send back threatening messages to the victim “author.” It can also involve sending email messages on the victim’s behalf, hacking into an address book or Facebook account, or creating websites apparently by or about the victim.

Cyberstalking is a consequence of Internet addiction, and the resulting inability to form normal, healthy relationships. Sometimes, it is the unfortunate aftermath of a real, imagined or thwarted relationship. Sometimes, it is the result of a delusion, for example, if the cyberstalker incorrectly believes that the victim is in love with him or her – although in reality, they may never have met. Obviously, this type of cyberstalker is suffering from a mental illness or disorder of some type.

  • Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore was quoted as saying, “Make no mistake: this kind of harassment can be as frightening and as real as being followed and watched in your neighborhood or in your home.”

You are a Cyberstalker when:

  1. you have been told by someone you believe is in love with you to leave them alone, or…
  2.  you believe you are being contacted by the secret service, FBI or some other organization to follow someone in which case…
  3. you are suffering from a delusion
  4. which can be the result of alcohol or drug use…
  5. or a treatable symptom of a mental illness
  6. See your doctor and try the treatments s/he suggests.

Often a precursor to cyberstalking is internet addiction.

You have Developed Internet Addiction when:

  1. You would rather communicate with people online than in person because you feel safer and more confident behind a computer
  2. You enjoy inventing a persona that doesn’t exist
  3. You reject actual social opportunities in order to “meet” and “socialize” on Facebook or other social media
  4. You believe you could have a Facebook addiction**
  5. You spend countless hours on social media, chat rooms and dating sites
  6. You don’t have any real personal relationships, or the ones you do have may be neglected or suffer arguments over your internet use.
  7. You may see your school or work performance suffer from so much of your attention being devoted to internet use.
  8. You are hyperconnected.

**An internet addiction includes the amount of time spent on the online behavior, the exclusion of other healthy behaviors, and the negative impact on important areas of life.

What to do when You have a Facebook (or other social media) Addiction:

  1. Monitor your computer usage – hours, dates, days
  2. Absorb information from a paper book rather than a screen.
  3.  Limit your social networking friends to people you actually do spend time with.
  4. Learn relaxation skills, take regular exercise, learn assertiveness skills and build self esteem.
  5. Join community groups that meet in person and not just on the internet.
  6. Indulge in offline hobbies and interests.
  7. Seek professional help.  You may have asocial anxiety disorder.

Gang Stalking
Exactly as ominous as it sounds, Gang Stalking involves a group of people who target one person and follow them to a destination, frequently a store or other public location. Sometimes they are  hired by some unnamed, faceless ‘leader’ of some sort to stalk a specific person or a specific type of person, a ‘leader’ who claims to be with politics or a corporation of some sort- essentially, the person in charge has to be someone with power They then surround the stalker in strategic areas, behaving in a negative manner that the gang hopes will motivate the victim to do the same.  It is a psychological warfare against unsuspecting victims for no reason other than to motivate the victims into committing a crime.  It is organized crime on a frighteningly large scale.  Sounds too sci-fi to be real? There are White Supremacist gangs, Ku Klux Klan, Crips and Bloods, so why not Gang Stalkers?  Meh, take it with a grain of salt but it doesn’t hurt to be informed.  Watch this video.

In this video, a false bounty hunter urges a woman to assist him in capturing a woman inside a busy grocery store.   He asks the unsuspecting helpful woman to help him  “take her down.”  He pretends to solicit her advice in order to subdue and arrest her, asking her if she has ever used handcuffs.   After the victim has been convinced she is indeed helping a legal bounty hunter, he asks her to enter the store and “swap wallets” with a wallet he gives her and the one the shopper owns.  He tells the victim how to do it and unwittingly, she complies.  Now she has committed a theft.  She leaves the store, hands the bounty hunter the wallet and he leaves the area as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile the woman’s actions are noticed by strangers or caught on tape and she is arrested for theft. Place yourself in the woman’s shoes and you are the victim of a gang stalking.  How is it gang stalking?   Some of these teams can consist of hundreds or even thousands of participants (hard to believe, but this seems to be the research). Consider these scenarios:

Consider the technology you own and how securely you use it:

  1. Bank card
  2. credit card
  3. personal identity such as a licence
  4. cell phone
  5. lap top
  6. iPad
  7. blackberryGang Stalking and Espionage – ABC News
  8. Facebook and social media Gang Stalkers

This link has been provided by ABC News online  It suggests a Matrix-like existence for anyone and everyone.  Weelllll, now, this is taking Gang Stalking way too far and is a product of someone’s overactive imagination.  But it makes for a bit of fun, doesnt it? Perhaps someone will invent (or already has) an online game or board game called Gang Stalkers.  Now there’s an idea.  Get a patent and go for it.  Be sure to alert (pun) me when it comes out so I can buy it.  Sounds nasty, doesn’t it?  Personally I’m surprised there isn’t a board game called Serial Killers We Love to Hate, or some such weird thing.

Possible gang stalking behaviours are meant to relax the Target and catch him or her off-guard.  In fact, the Target should feel he or she is being paranoid if s/he begins to think people are coming a little too close or are checking out his/her behaviours.  Yes, you are supposed to question your own sanity if you start catching onto their game. The last thing the gang stalkers want is for you to be alert, aware and disturbed by their behaviours. This makes spotting  and trying to prove you are being gang stalked to the police much more difficult.

Who are Gang Stalkers?

  1. mothers and children
  2. the elderly
  3. professionals
  4. teenagers
  5. neighbours
  6. friends
  7. you

Gang Stalking Vehicles

  1. Leaving headlights on during the day
  2. Flashing headlights at another oncoming vehicle
  3. One headlight is missing
  4. A perp vehicle may park alongside a spot the Target usually uses…the driver may still be waiting inside his or her car when the Target finally leaves the store

You are a Gang Stalker/Target when:

  1. You have unwittingly committed a criminal act to assist another person in “watching” or “arresting” a third party
  2. You agree to join such a gang due to misinformation, such as assisting someone who believes he or she is being stalked, when the opposite is true. You are still criminally culpable for your actions, even though you are unaware that you have committed a criminal act.
  3. You deliberately join a gang for ulterior motives, peer pressure, financial need, or simply for the “helluvit.”  Have fun doing jail time when you are nabbed and if you aren’t perhaps karma will take care of you.  There’s always hope.
  4. The person(s) who encouraged you to join the gang is suddenly unreachable should anything go wrong during stalking activities.
  5. There doesn’t appear to be one organizer for the gang or you are given only first names of participants while they know your real full name and surname.
  6. Should this happen to you, call the police even if you do so anonymously. Eventually you will be caught and avoiding authority beforehand is not a smart move.

Gang Stalking Targets
Who is gang stalked and why?  It seems to me it takes a lot of effort and time investment in  putting together a gang to stalk an ordinary sort.  It makes more sense to target a rich person, a celebrity, a politican, or someone with significant authority. Yet the word on the street appears to be that most Targets are regular nobodies like you and me.  Odd.

There is much information online about gang stalking if you’re interested.  Check out reliable networks online, such as gangstalkingworld.com.  It is easy to become paranoid and no wonder: these are everyday actions and modes of communication we use without a second thought. Just be aware and alert that stalking has moved to a whole new level. I learned a lot more from this blog than I intended.  Excuse me, I must go.  An ordinary, harmless-looking man has just parked beside me and I need to call police for no reason.

7 thoughts on “Stuck with a Stupid, Stinkin’ Stalker?

    1. They probably get so many reports with computers and civil suits that end up being resolved without the police, that maybe that’s why the apathy.

      1. I would agree with that assessment. This however has done nothing to bolster faith in the system, I am jaded by it, law is supposed to provide remedy but in my case I can foresee this hitting a court room where at least during the discovery phase the judge will have the opportunity to look at the facts, will have the intellect to comprehend them, and be-able to just throw out the case she has considering what it is: A complete waste of the court’s time, if anything I am the one with a case. If it were not strategically unwise to do so, I would throw my entire defense docket up for all to see because I am no privacy anymore with this stalker anyways, then again, neither does she and I think it’s about due time that Victoria address the issues at hand. I wish I could name the “social justice movement” as one of the defendant(s) in a suit, as I know of many other individuals who have experienced similar unethical behaviour which the movement looks the other way on because it aids their agenda(s). My 1 Christmas wish is to not feel so damned helpless in all of this, she has ruined my employability with her constant attack and smears, I just want this done and over with. If she is smart and doesn’t want criminal proceedings she will simply withdraw her case, I am shocked at how much she desires all of this stuff to come out in court when it is so damning!!! I have asked her to call me so I can be served in a place where we both feel safe, I am thinking the court house is fine, I am not afraid of her, just busy, if she really wanted to serve me she would have called and made arrangements.

      2. I agree with you that meeting in court is the wisest move. The woman is deusional and she has no problem allowing a judge to hear about her actions because she truly thinks what she is doing is okay. I don’t know if it is legal or wise to put this situation on facebook (?) it might help deter her or it might aggravate her more – actually it gives her more attention so maybe not a good idea…still it is an online document that you are being stalked. Do you have a lawyer? You might want to refer to one even if you represent yourself in court. This lady is dangerous. She has caused you big problems at work and I assume with your personal life. I believe she is capable of taking this further and bringing harm to you or someone you love.

      3. I do not work I have been a full time activist the past year fighting these creeps. I did that instead of looking for a job out here because it was pointless, I do not work for the cheap wages employers pay out here, and I view my future on this planet as more important than money. That being said, no I do not have a lawyer but am going to bring all this to a pro bono lawyer on Jan 2nd to see what they think. I setup a fundraising page on gofundme, it is linked on the bottom of the article (and near the top, where I ask for help). This probably won’t even hit a trial but if it does I expect I’ll have raised the funds for the help or worked out a deal with a pro bono before then, people are charitable and from what I’ve heard this issue is beginning to really bubble into the public eye. Thanks for the support, looks like my depression is getting turned into christmas hope!

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