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Social Isolation and the Making of a Serial Killer

It would appear that many serial killers begin their bizarre murderous pursuits in childhood or youth, immersed in dark fantasies that alleviate them from the coldness and rejection of the real world.  Rejection and isolation seem to cloak these killers from the earliest years of their lives, into adulthood. Somehow rape and murder temporarily alleviates the loneliness and rage that envelopes social and familial rejection.

For many killers, rejection begins with family: biological or adoptive parents perceive a real or imagined flaw in the child and in response, he is abused or isolated. Perhaps these fathers and mothers expect perfection in their offspring and anything less is unacceptable. Perhaps abuse and rejection are traits that define these families throughout generations. Perhaps mental disorders define parental behaviour in such families. Either way, the result is a mixture of horror and tragedy that baffles the “normal” society in which the serial killer both inhabits and will never be accepted into. watch malicious

This abuse takes many different forms aside from physical, including when a family:

  • Purposely withholds affection
  • Never sticks up for child when being verbally abused
  • Parent or guardian indifferent, aloof, detached or cold
  • Parent use hurtful words
  • Comparing child negatively to other children
  • Labeling stages of development as a permanent flaw

Children may be laughed at:

  • for displaying kindness or sympathy
  • for expressing sorrow at death of pet of family member
  • when injured
  • for crying

In extreme cases, children may be locked in a cellar or basement for extended periods of time, locked in their own room or in a closet, simply for the purpose of removing the child from the rest of the family. The impact of this cruelty becomes deeply enmeshed in the child’s developing psyche.  It is during such times that many children develop dark fantasies wherein they punish or kill their abusers. Often these fantasies are detailed, involving physical and sexual torture, particularly when the child has experienced these abuses himself. Eventually the murderous rage some abused children develop toward the abusive parent/s is turned outwards at innocent victims s/he may not even know. watch edmund kemper 1/5

Social isolation is another factor affecting the development of a serial rapist-murderer.  Bullying at schools and by neighbourhood children is often a significant factor for abused children.  The child may express intellectual and physical differences, be it race or a handicap of some sort. Or the child’s unusual behaviours, a response to an abusive familial environment, appear odd to peers and bullying begins.  Bullying is overlooked or dismissed by peers, teachers and parents, partly because the child is undervalued in the home, and partly because adults do not recognize bullying as a severe psychological form of child abuse.  watch larrykinglive interviews dr debra peplar of york university

Other childhood trauma, although rarer, includes illegitimacy, the rape and murder of their own mothers, and the physical abuse of their mothers by their fathers, parental suicide, and as adults, impotency.  These traumatic events bear a deep-rooted impact on the child’s developing psyche that further set the child apart from his peers and any semblance of normalcy as an adult. The killer’s enjoyment of a person’s suffering and pain is an obvious reflection of the rejection and bullying that plagued him throughout childhood.watch joel rifkin

Repeated exposure to adult sex and pornography may also define the isolation and confusion of a developing murderer. Worse, the forced involvement of children in such activities as prostitution, incest, and other sex crimes complicate the killer’s childhood experience. However it is that a child experiences isolation, rejection and the knowledge that he simply isn’t wanted, the serial killer that grows out of this experience continues his own isolation through his murders and hatred toward others.  It is a cycle that doesn’t end. watch angry kid hears his parents having sex

2 thoughts on “Social Isolation and the Making of a Serial Killer

  1. No sources, nothing to confirm this garbage. I wont deny the Soviet Red Army raped womans in occupied zones but the number presented sounds like fucking fantasy.

    1. To quote the unfortunately cracked Charle Sheen: the numbers don’t lie (that’s one thing he says that remains true to planet Earth). The numbers of women who were raped to death and raped for years on end number in the thousands (possibly more considering how many millions of women were at the mercy of male Nazis). There are many resources to confirm this estimate.
      Try your local library,
      and a couple of these links: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005176 (women during the holocaust) http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/time-to-talk-about-sexual-violence-during-the-holocaust/ Time to Talk About Sexual Violence During the Holocaust. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/1382565/Red-Army-troops-raped-even-Russian-women-as-they-freed-them-from-camps.html Red Army Troops Raped Even Russian Women as they Freed Them From Camps.

      Perhaps these resources will confirm this “garbage” and “fucking (pun) fantasy”.
      p.s. I have linked this blog to several youtube interviews with women survivors of the Holocaust. Perhaps you should re-read the blog and click on the sources.

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