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Serial Killers and Mommy

It would appear in my personal research that many (if not most) serial killers have serious issues with their mothers.  Some Mommies have a tight hold on their sons so it would seem and some Mommies are harsh disciplinarians, so as to “toughen” the child. Instead, it creates a lack of love between parent and child that has disastrous results. If the child doesn’t bond with its primary caretakers, there is no foundation for trusting others later in life. This leads to isolation, where intense violent fantasies become the primary source of gratification. watch betty scott – the mother of serial killer dennis nilson

Posthumous Relationships with Mommy

Ed Gein, who served as the impetus for Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, was one such killer.  Edward remained under his mother’s spell well after her death in 1945. From the time he was a young child, Ed’s mother, Augusta, held daily “prayer” sessions where she preached against the evils of the world to her two sons, Edward and  Henry, and in particular warned them against women. Augusta moved her sons to an isolated area and Ed only left the house to attend school. His mother punished him when he tried to make friends.

Augusta abused her sons.  Henry distanced himself from his mother’s extreme view of the world. Mother Dearest was decidedly unhappy. On May 16, 1944 Henry decided to burn off a marsh on the property. The burn off escaped control and the local fire department was called.  Henry was found face down after the fire was extinguished but he was dead before the blaze. After his brother’s death, Edward lived alone with his mother, who died on December 29, 1945. Ed was devastated and he dug up the graves of women he thought resembled his mother, and took the bodies home, where he tanned their skins. Upon his arrest in 1957, Ed told investigators that between 1947 and 1952 he made as many as 40 nocturnal visits to three graveyards to exhume bodies while he was in a “daze-like” state. He admitted to committing two murders. watch ed gein

Edmund Kemper – Edmund was another serial killer whose murders and psychological disturbances were directly linked to his deceased mother, Clarnell. In fact, Edmund was her killer. Clarnell was a violent alcoholic who humiliated her son. She locked Edmund in the cellar for months at a time, reasoning that otherwise he would have sex with his sisters (doesn’t everyone)? While confined in the basement, Edmund used his sister’s dolls to demonstrate sexual rage against his mother. At an early age if a child is left alone, or forced to live in isolation where little attention is given to them, their minds become their company, and so begin the daydreams and the dark fantasy world.

By 15 Edmund was sent to live with his grandparents. On August 27 1974, at 15, Edmund shot both his grandparents. He returned to his mother for a number of years and during this time Edmund murdered a number of young women. One night he entered his mother’s bedroom and she told him she hadn’t had sex for years because of, “her murderous son“. Edmund stabbed her to death, then decapitated her corpse. Years later, Edmund wept during an interview and made the odd statement: “I’m not a lizard I didn’t come out from under a rock. I came out of her vagina, see?” By then Edmund had murdered 6 young women “because of the way she raises her son and the way… he grows up.” watch ed kemper

Killing Mommy

In exact opposition to Edmund, Henry Lee Lucas launched his murderous career by killing his mother, Viola, and probably with good reason. His mother was a prostitute who brought men to their ramshackle home where young Henry was witness to her trade. She physically abused Henry and his brothers, and once beat Henry for not watching her service a client. On one occasion she forced him to go to school in a dress. Psychologists indicate that his hatred of his mother was the source of his violent misogyny. He took a knife wound to his left eye although whether it was from Viola or not isn’t known. This left him with a vulnerable area on his face that was hurt in an accident at school. Viola waited 3 days before bringing her injured son to a doctor and by then it was too late to salvage his eye. His damaged eye was replaced with a glass eye that left him with a drooping eyelid. watch confessions of a serial killer henry lee lucas

On January 11, 1960, young Henry and his mother got into an argument over a woman he wanted to marry. He grabbed a knife and plunged it into her neck.  Convicted of second-degree murder, he was sent to the state prison in Michigan. He tried to commit suicide and was transferred to a forensic psychiatric hospital. For his mother’s murder, he served ten years of a twenty-year sentence.Just before his mother’s murder, Henry murdered a young girl in the woods and raped her because he “wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a human being.” That seems reasonable.

Mommy’s Little Bastard

Ted Bundy – is at the top of the list in the illegitimate serial killer category.  Teddy Bear grew up thinking his mother was his sister – this was the information he was given by his grandparents (whom he thought were his parents) and his mother (whom he thought was his sister).  Still with me?  Imagine how confused and traumatized Ted the child was when for some reason the family told him the truth.  In addition, being labelled a bastard in that era was humiliating. “It was like I hit a brick wall,” he admitted years later. That would mess up anyone, although not enough (we hope) to send any of us out into the world to rape and murder.

We all know (and are bored) of the Ted Bundy story by now so I won’t reiterate except to say Teddy blamed exposure to violent pornography (as opposed to being a violent misogynist) on his crimes.  Serials never were ones for stepping up, were they? watch ted bundy interview

Charles Manson – Born to unmarried 16-year-old Kathleen Maddox in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was listed as “no name Maddox” on his birth certificate. Great beginning.  Manson’s mother was truly a prize. His criminal case file states: “Father: unknown… alleged to be a colored cook with whom the boy’s mother had been promiscuous at the time of pregnancy.” She hated her son and abused him daily. An alcoholic, she traded him for a pitcher of beer to a childless waitress. Soon after Kathleen went to jail for 5 years for robbery.  When she got out she retrieved Charles again but when he was 10, she tried to place him in a foster home. None was available so he was sent to a school for boys. He ran away from the school but his mother rejected him when he returned home. At 13, Charles was sent to the Indiana Boys School and he testified that he was brutally raped and beaten while there. It makes sense that Manson formed his own Family in later years. By then, Charles he claimed to be a Scientologist.  Now that makes Tom Cruise a lot easier to understand, doesn’t it? watch charles manson part 1 of 5

Stepmothers from Hell

Joseph Sallinger – was adopted by sadistic, Roman Catholic parents, Stephen and Anna Kallinger. Joseph’s stepmother made Cinderella’s stepmother look like Mrs. Brady. The punishments Kallinger endured included kneeling on jagged rocks, eating excrement, committing self-injury, being burned with irons, whipped with belts, and being starved. Stephen and Anna brutalized him so much that when Joseph was 6, he had a hernia operation.  Anna told him the surgery was to stop his penis from growing.   Once Mother Dearest forced young Joseph to hold his hand over a flame, beating him when he cried.  How they got away with torturing their son in this manner for so many years, only the Lord knows.

Not surprisingly, Joseph entered mental hospitals from time to time for attempting suicide and starting fires. As an adult Joseph went on a crime spree, taking his 13-year-old son, Michael with him. A second Joseph Sallinger in training. Hooray.  Another son, Joseph Jr., was found dead in a pile of rubble two weeks after Joseph took out an insurance policy on him. Coincidence? Obviously not.

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) – Technically, David’s biological mother, Betty Broder, was the mother from hell, and it was his adoption that contributed greatly to his disturbed life. Betty was married but separated when she had David, however David was the result of an extramarital affair with another man. David was adopted at one week old by Pearl and Nathan Jay Berkowitz. David’s childhood wasn’t anywhere near as nightmarish as some of our bad boys: his was considered“somewhat troubled”. David developed an infatuation with petty larceny and pyromania. David was described as difficult, spoiled and bullying.

David’s stepmother died of breast cancer when he was 13 and he blamed himself, a flawed belief that tormented him for years. At 18, David found his biological mother, Betty,who eventually rejected him. His illegitimacy was the “primary crisis” of his life; the second was Betty’s rejection of him. These developments shattered his sense of identity. Possibly his psychopathy grew out of these unusual developments. David claimed he killed due to the commands of a demon that possessed his neighbour’s dog. Eventually he adopted the label “Son of Sam,” in reference to the dog-demon. Well that’s understandable. Happens all the time. David believed the demon commanded him to kill people. watch david berkowitz – son of sam killer

While imprisoned in 1979, there was an attempt on his life. He refused to identify his attacker but suggested it was directed by his former cult. He has a permanent scar from the wound that took 52 stitches to close. In 1987, Berkowitz became a born again Christian. He says he is no longer to be referred to as the “Son of Sam“; rather he is now the “Son of Hope.” Thankfully he does not consider himself to be the “Son of God” or every Christian on the planet would be in trouble. Hopeful or not, David will likely never be released from prison. There is a God.

5 thoughts on “Serial Killers and Mommy

  1. oh please, stop finding ‘excuses’ for these poor excuses for human beings!! All the women out there who have been assaulted, sexually and otherwise, by there fathers and step-fathers don’t grow up to be serial killers. It is a terribly pathetic sexist excuse for grown men who know right from wrong.

    1. The information I provide isn’t an excuse. I don’t feel sympathy for these men. I report to information I find published by psychiatrists and criminologists.

  2. Really!? They always trying to pen black men my black brother’s with confusion. Nothing about Charles Manson represents a black man. Give me proof that his mother had a black cooks baby.

    1. That’s one of the ways that Manson justified his hatred of Blacks. He went around telling people his father was Black as a way of initiating his racial war within the family.

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