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DID or Multiple Personality Disorder: Separate (pun) States or False Fabrications?

Here’s the problem with DID/MPD: it is so impossible to prove that disbelief in its existence is as easy as not believing in Santa ClausPersonally I have never known anyone with DID, or at least not to my knowledge and therein lies the rub: who is going to admit to such a frightful disorder that the rest of us cannot understand?  I doubt that sort of condition makes one the centre of a popularity contest. watch dissociative identity disorder

That too makes the belief in DID quite tenuous: when you haven’t met someone with DID it isn’t as likely  you’ll believe in its existence. Most of us function as a Doubting Thomas where seeing is believing.

The clinical diagnosis of DID is quite unsettling: the presence of two or more distinct identities or personalities…that take control of the individual’s behavior with an associated memory loss that cannot be the temporary effects of drug use or a general medical conditionCreepy. watch multiple personality disorder on hard talk 1 of 3

Therapists claim that the DID patient suffers from a chaotic existence, brought about by a constant need for control by alters, or alternate personalities. Each personality takes over the body on a whim, performing chores or tasks that seem specific to their abilities. This network once served the DID patient well during a childhood of horrific sexual abuse.  watch sybil. The child could simply “go away” during an abusive episode without knowledge of the abuse when regaining control. This is the memory loss the host personality experiences when s/he “goes away“. watch an early case of MPD

As adults however the host personality, along with the alters, desire full control of the body, causing constant conflict.  Work and relationships suffer. The host personality hears the voices of the alters bickering in his or her head and wonders if s/he is insane. There are a number of consequences accompanying this condition: watch you’re not crazy and you’re not alone

  1. the host never fully grows up or becomes independent since the alters perform several tasks for her
  2. the alters become stronger over the years and gain more control over the host personality
  3. the alters may be dangerous to the host, committing self-harm and suicide attempts
  4. unexpected flashbacks terrorize the host who has no knowledge of his or her traumatic childhood
  5. the alters place the host personality in dangerous situations, such as promiscuous encounters with strangers watch multiple personality disorder – amazing stories

Several accounts of MPD as to appear as quasi-autobiographies have been published in recent years, documenting the lives of multiples, and many of their symptoms seem to be universal, especially a sexually abusive childhood and memory loss. This too could increase doubt about multiples: perhaps the subject of the biography or autobiography researches the disorder and is able to fabricate the symptoms.  One may wonder why a person would do such a thing.  My perspective  includes a desire for wealth in the event a biography is published and/or attention-seeking behaviour on the part of the pseudo-multiple. Frankly I’m split on this one.  watch the twilight zone: something in the walls

2 thoughts on “DID or Multiple Personality Disorder: Separate (pun) States or False Fabrications?

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  2. How about… if all people are in fact just one mind with DID? Space/time is fabricated by our collective unconscious, and each person is a living image of the true unique identity. The true unconscious “self” has personality and everything else, but is a timeless dormant being which just “exist”.

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