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The Boy Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey

It’s a tough call on this one. Not because I am torn between believing or not believing that Jonbenet’s murderer, her brother Burke Ramsey, is guilty, but blogging an opinion about the Ramsey boy without concrete evidence of his guilt seems unfair. If, by a long shot, Burke isn’t guilty then I owe him a big apology, but that seems unlikely. He is the person in the family most likely to have killed his younger sister: he had motive and he had opportunity, along with other peculiar facets of this crime. Here are some of the obvious:

  1. 9-year-old Burke was jealous of the endless attention his sister received from the press, his parents and family friends. It cannot feel good to be a sibling who lives in the shadow of his younger sister. Jonbenet’s father described her as “the sparkplug of the family….she kept things going.” watch the death of jonbenet ramsey – the sparkplug of the family
  2. Burke had oodles of opportunity.  He lived in the house. Jonbenet trusted him. He knew where the secret room was where he attacked and murdered his sister. The crime scene: what is known
  3. The blanket that covered her body is typical of a killer who knows the victim and, in an odd way, is expressing remorse.  Her favourite nightgown was laid beside her body. Who else but the parents and brother would have known which gown was Jonbenet’s favourite?
  4. The practice ransom note seems like something a youngster would do. However the content of the note itself reads more like a letter from an adult or possibly a crime magazine, or book.
  5. Burke was not tested for DNA, as were his father and mother. Both parents were cleared after the DNA test.
  6. It sounds unlikely that a child as young as 9 is capable of murdering a family member but there are recorded cases of this exact crime.  Watch child of rage – the documentary
  7. It would have been easy for Burke to lure Jonbenet to her death. She trusted her brother and had no reason to fear him.
  8. Recently a reader posted to me that Burke hit Jonbenet over the head with a golf club two years before her murder. She recommends reading Foreign Faction for more information about Burke and his troubled relationship with his sister.
  9. The Ramseys had always maintained that Burke had slept through the entire episode, until awakened several hours after the police arrived.
  10.  The behavior of John and Patsy Ramsey after the crime was consistent with the parents of other murdered children, and was inconsistent with known cases of parents who killed their children.
  11.  The DA speculated that JonBenét was killed by a young, inexperienced criminal (eg, the possible digital penetration of the girl’s vagina was consistent with other young sex offenders motivated by a naive curiosity about female anatomy) who was sexually obsessed with her.

Patsy and John Ramsey did not speak about Burke to the press, careful not to reveal whether or not the police suspected Jonbenet’s older brother of her murder. Perhaps they too wondered if their 9-year-old son was guilty, a thought too unbearable to entertain.  Of course in blaming Burke they blame themselves: where was Burke when Jonbenet was lavished in attention and winning beauty pageants? watch dramatization perfect murder perfect town – 2

Speaking of speaking, an analysis of the diction both parents used jonwhen speaking with the press revealed key psychological issues in the family. Click on the link above to read this analysis,  provided by SCAN, a program developed by Avinoam Sapir. SCAN (sometimes known as Statement Analysis) is a tool for law enforcement personnel, investigators, social service personnel, and anyone else who needs to obtain information from written material.  LSI provides SCAN training throughout the US and Canada, and also in Mexico, the UK, Israel, Australia, and other countries.I can’t personally attest to SCAN’s legitimacy or frequency of usage but Sapir’s analysis of the Ramsey’s interview is worth examining. Sapir reaches the conclusion that Jonbenet was her father’s incest victim.I’m not in agreement that John Ramsey was sexually abusing his daughter. I also wonder about Sapir’s analysis that “the majority of parents suspected of sexual abuse relate to their children by first name or the gender.”  Don’t most parents refer to their children by name? However, sexual abuse between Burke and Jonbenet was a possibility, since the murder was clearly sexually motivated. Parents often choose to overlook incestuous behaviour between siblings; they don’t want to acknowledge that it exists in their family. They don’t want to be accountable for perverseness among their offspring. Meanwhile, both parents sexualized their daughter by making her up to look like a teenager, rather than a child. Burke might have been sexually aroused by the implied transformation from girl into woman by the use of costumes and cosmetics. Conclusion: There are enough signals in the language to indicate that John Ramsey is involved in the murder of JonBenet. Patsy Ramsey is likely to have known of the sexual abuse.

The strange analysis “it has been found to be associated with a sexual motive” is very vague.  Find by whom?  How often? I don’t see a sexually abusive father in John Ramsey.  He was too open with the press and the police, too cooperative.  He has given many interviews to the press, including in the years since Patsy died.  This is not a man with something to hide.  If he had knowledge of sexual abuse of Jonbenet, my guess is that he suspected his son, Burke, of molesting his sister. Perhaps no-one will ever know the truth of what went on in the Ramsey house when the 6-year-old was sexually assaulted and garroted on Christmas Night, 1996.  But my money is on Burke Ramsey.

Update –Jonbenet Ramsey Case –  Judge Orders DA to show why secret indictment of parents should remain secret

In 1999, a grand jury in the brutal murder case of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey voted to indict her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter refused to sign it, citing that he could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The indictment’s existence was not known until earlier this year. A judge ruled that the current Boulder DA Stan Garnett must show why the un-prosecuted indictment must remain secret.  Boulder DA’s office said releasing the document would be a breach of promiseto the jury, citing the importance of the integrity of grand jury secrecy. Every grand juror, and every witness who appears before a grand jury, takes an oath of secrecy and every witness and grand juror is promised that those involved in the process will honor that oath. The DA’s office stated for this defendant to hand over documents from the grand jury would be a breach of promise to the hundreds of citizens serving on grand juries across Colorado,

After all these years, Boulder police received thousands of tips about her murder and still receive several monthly. DA Garnett said in 2011 that he personally gets two or three a week, A decade and a half later, there is still no justice for JonBenet. If she were alive today, JonBenet would be 23.

91 thoughts on “The Boy Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey

  1. Burke solo tenía 9 años al momento del asesinato de su hermana…. él nació en 1987 y ella en 1990, se llevaban solo 3 años de diferencia

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    1. Interesting. How did Enyart get into the Ramsey household? How did he know where the hidden room in the basement was located?

      1. The house was built in 1927, I would like to know the history of family’s that lived there prior. I’m sure many people knew about that room.

      2. GO ASK HIM. DNA evidence from a foreign male intruder cleared the Ramseys, so the killer is still out there waiting for the FBI -> The JonBenet Ramsey Murderer has returned…Call this twice convicted child abuser in CO: “Pastor” BOB ENYART LIES & ask him why he kidnaps & KILLS kids: 1-800-8-ENYART



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      3. If the Colorado police and the FBI know who killed JonBenet then why haven’t they arrested him yet?

    2. the ramseys arent able to talk truthfully everything that ramsey says is a lie. hes still lying covering up for the truth sueing people blaming people alot of people ruining lives and alway sticking his tongue out hes such a good holy man what an ass some people are real assholes john ramsey is one of those there was no intruder into that house ive read everybook on this case It seems like foriegn faction nails it everything koehler comes up with, makes the most sence .

  3. One thing I do find interesting about the Burke theory is the bowl of pineapple with only his and Patsy’s fingerprints on it. And also, apparently Burke’s knife was used in the crime which Patsy had taken away from him and hidden in the linen closet. If this 9 year old was anything like I was at that age, my Mother never could’ve hidden something from me where I couldn’t find it. I’ve thought for a long time that it was Burke and one of his friends that did this and the parents covered it up for him not wanting to lose both children. I still believe that Patsy wrote the RN.

  4. Read Jim Kolar’s book “Foreign Faction.” Two years before JonBenet’s murder, Burke hit his little sister over the head with a golf club. Jealousy. Resentment. Anger and pubescent sexual issues. Sibling rivalry and other fascniating clues. By the way, Burke was one month shy of 10 years old, and towered over the petite JonBenet. Any clue like the pineapple –which would put JonBenet and Burke in close proximity, the parents denied. Kolar’s book is a must-read. There were clues all along the cops knew. The parents did a superb job of keeping that kid, the only one remaining, away from police questioning. He was interviewed shortly after the murder by a social worker and made some revealing comments. Patsy said she “could not bear to lose Burke too,”Too late now, that murder will never be prosecuted, Many fascinating, yet sad, details in the Kolar book. A true family tragedy. I don’t think Burke will ever confess, unless as an old man on his death bed,

    1. Thank you for the supportive comment. I intend to read Foreign Faction now that you have mentioned it to me. I have found follow-up research that states DNA proves none of the family killed JonBenet, however (there is always a however), does this conclusively clear all family members? DNA is impossible to argue against, yet Burke’s behaviour is very disturbing. I don’t believe we will ever know the answer to this terrible killing.

      1. Again, you MUST read “Foreign Faction” cover-to-cover, This will clear up any of the misconceptions on the “DNA”
        exonerating the Ramseys. It does not clear the family and the current DA and police dept in Boulder today want to speak with Burke. Of course, Burke is not talking to them.
        The DNA found in her clothing, panties, could very well have been those of someone in the factory who inspected them, they were new and not washed. DNA under her fingernails was a mixture of 4-5 different people which is absurd because a half-dozen people did not kill this little girl. There are SO many details…please, I implore you, read “Foreign Faction.
        The answers to this horrible crime and family tragedy are all there. Actually, it is not all that complicated. It was a domestic situation that wealth and privilege covered-up. This person will never be prosecuted. Colorado law states that a 9-1/2 year old child is not accountable anyway –and Patsy who wrote the ransom note to protect her only living child, is dead.

      2. My doubt here would be that Mrs Ramsey had the presence of mind and the ability to write a ransom note after finding her daughter’s body. I highly doubt that the Ramseys’ behaviour would be anything less than very distraught, although certainly they would have made dubious statements. I suspect they never questioned their son because they don’t truly want to know.

  5. Some really creepy stuff reported by the lead police detective in the latest book on the murder – “Foreign Faction” by Jim Kolar are: feces was found smeared in a box of chocolate Christmas candy belonging to JonBenet in her bedroom; a pair of boy’s pajama bottoms (presumably Burke’s) were found on the floor of JonBenet’s bedroom –the pajama bottoms had a bowel movement in them; Note: I guess anyone who smears such vile stuff on someone’s chocolate has some animosity toward them.
    There were fingerprints on some un-opened Christmas presents which had been ripped open. The fingerprints were those of guess who? Burke. An overzealous, excited boy wanted to know, I guess, what else he was getting for Christmas. One of the gifts was for JonBenet, The gifts were in the “cellar” where JonBenet’s body was found. Those gifts were meant to be taken on the plane the morning of Dec 26 –as the family was going to Michigan to further celebrate the holidays with John Ramsey’s older children from his first marriage. The hiking boot print found near JonBenet’s body which was said to have not been linked to anyone…..well, in “Foreign Faction,” witnesses/friends related to cops that Burke had a pair of those boots which after the murder, could not be found.

      1. Just fyi, “Foreign Faction” by A James Kolar can be hard to find, out-of-stock in many book stores. Try Powell’s Books on the internet. I buy most of my books there, “Foreign Faction” included. The Powell’s Book store in Portland, Oregon will ship. It is not a cheap book, but WELL worth it. Kolar’s details of this case will blow your mind.

  6. john made sure the crime scene became contaminated and confusing.. patsy wore the same outfit in the morning on purpose.. the reason being that it would explain her clothing fibers etc being at the crime scene..she is the one who put the blanket over jon bonet.

    1. The couple, in spite of their shock, must have been able to think very rationally if all this is true….even allowing for “what-ifs” when the cops arrived, such as the outfit the mother was wearing.

  7. patsy wasnt sure if jon would turn them in.. thats why she she was peeping thru her fingers when the police arrived. she was fake crying because she never cried

  8. burke lured jon bonet downstairs with the promise of pineapple…then he said lets go peek at the gifts in the basement,,, made her put on the panties.then,he choked her. and did things. and when he was done he hit her over the head with the baseball bat.. then he woke up his mom. she decided after thinking.. to write the note..made the wire and rope thing put it on ..taped her mouth.. then covered the body with the blanket.

    1. CVlearly young Burke had many psychological problemas. If this account is true, Mother Ramsey must have recovered from her shock and horror very swiftly in order to write a note and make a garrote that she wrapped around her child’s neck….I find the latter to be unlikely.

  9. From the start, I believed Burke killed his sister. It was the only scenario that made sense. The ransom letter was clear proof the killer was from inside the house. But while the letter was absolutely ridiculous, I don’t believe it was written by the boy. Patsy wrote the note to protect her son. She just lost her daughter and didn’t want to loose her son too. Consumed by shock and guilt over creating a sexually provocative 6 year old, and a 9 year old pervert monster, she had to protect the boy. What went on that night in the basement we may never know, so long as Burke refuses to talk. But the cover up is for certain, and all 3 were involved in it.

    1. I am inclined to agree. I don’t know how the Patsy managed to collect herself enough to write the letter. I believe that would have been the last thing on my mind.

      1. you must remember, fellow crime buffs, that status and the perfect little family image was all-important to patsy. you betcha she mustered all her strength and wits to pull-off that “ransom” note! –to deal with the hideous truth would be more devastating. do you guys think burke will ever be brought in for questioning?

      2. at one time, police tried to get a sample of Burke’s DNA but under a legal technicality, they couldn’t…

  10. There’s also the fact you can apparently hear Burke’s voice on the 911 call though both parents insist he was asleep. I also read that his DNA was eliminated too though, they did have his DNA and he was cleared. I find it weird they found nothing of her parents DNA on her body, as her mom was the one who dressed her and undressed her. And her dad moved her body and carried it up the stairs, and her mother is supposed to have fallen on it weeping when she was put on the ground. Yet they found no evidence of them at all? It smacks to me of a cover up, the DNA slides got lost or messed with.

  11. Another reason I believe Burke is guilty is because in his interview with the child psychologist, she asked him if his parents told him what happened or if they discussed it with him and he answered, “No because I know what happened” and then said, “someone hit her over the head with a flashlight and then took her to the basement”. How would he know that if they didn’t tell him? Hmmm…

  12. I don´t know whether Burke did it or not, but I have always suspected that one of the Ramsey children did it, and the parents covered it up. That is the only way things add up. An older son of John Ramsey has been on my mind. He often stayed at the Ramsey house and slept on the same floor as JonBenet and Burke.Not that night though, but he could have snuck in and hid.
    Could have been Burke though. The Ramseys were lying when they said Burke slept until they woke him up at about seven o´lcock that morning. (his voice in the background on the 911 call)
    Besides, if your six year old daughter was missing and you found a ransom note,you WOULD wake up your other child to ask if he had heard or seen anything! You would also search your house THOROUGHLY – they obviously did not. When the time limit for the call (10:00) from the alleged kidnappers came and passed, the Ramseys said nothing about it.If this scenario was real, they would have been on pins and needles sitting right next to the telephone and be worried sick when the time came and went – but nothing….
    Another thing that stands out is that John Ramsey made a phonecall to arrange for an immediate departure for him, Patsy and Burke to Atlanta – that very day! With their dead daughter still in situ. How very, very odd!

    1. There are a lot of oddities involved in this case. Unfortunately, the sloppy police investigation has made the possibility of solving the crime quite slim.

      1. very astute comments here of late! burke was shielded by mom and pop ramsey from the start — to the point that there never was a real police interview/interrogation with burke; instead, some bogus interview with a social worker was conducted — yet very revealing clues were left by burke (read book “foreign faction”). this was an inside job. from the start, the police knew it. sadly, we have the pieces of this tragic family puzzle a little too late, but justice is a strange thing…maybe there will be some kind of poetic justice for a six year old girl — if not in this world, the next….

  13. Check this out – the FBI knows and so should you:
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    “Few would disagree that the three-page ransom note is as important a piece of evidence as exists in this case. Anyone hoping to come up with a theory of who killed JonBenet Ramsey has to come to grips with the significance and meaning of this communication.” — FBI Criminal Profiler John Douglas, The Cases That Haunt Us

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  14. I believe the brother had nothing to do with the murder. Yes, there have been crimes that 9 year olds commit. JonBenet suffered blunt force trauma to the head AND was strangled. If he did it, he would of done either or, but not both. Kids don’t just wake up one day and decide there going to commit a crime like this. They would show signs of mental disturbance before hand. And he was a normal kid, and still is to this day.

    1. that’s very possible…..it’s very peculiar that someone knew where to kill this child and where to hide her, in such an unlikely place.

    2. I don’t agree that a child wouldn’t use multiple ways to kill a child. Mary Bell for instance suffocated one of her victims with sand and she strangled him.

  15. This is craziness. The DA himself has published an apology letter to the entire family for the years of torment that have hounded them. It’s incredibly irresponsible to publish pieces like this referencing materials that are based on little more then rumor and amateur hypothesis. I have read Foreign Faction just for shits and giggles, and while it’s intriguing, it’s content is based on complete speculation. Anybody can take evidence and mold it to fit their suspicions. It happens every single day. Your time would be better spent focusing on the facts, which have ruled out any member of this family, including extended members, of being involved. And for God’s sake, let this young man live his life unimpeded by folks like you perpetuating slanderous rumors based on little more then suck fascination and conspiracy theories. Jesus.

  16. Found your blog through AOL it’s good someone is still talking about the case. I studied this case years ago….the problem with Burke ‘doing it’ is he was a 9 year old in 4th grade. The 3 page ransom letter could not have been written by a 9 year old (anyone can read it just by going to google/ bing etc.).
    A lot of posts above talk of JB being killed by a head blow…not a fact…per the ME….instead she was…strangled to death by a garotte then bashed in the head. The garotte was sophisticated (if simply made), a slip knot reducing and locking noose like a pro hunting snare or from military survival training…again not something a 9 year old would know (if Burke was in Boy Scouts and somehow an expert on snares and rope ties at age 9 I’d be more interested).
    So, a 9 year old could not have done the 3 page adult ransom letter…period….and almost certainly could not have done the adult reducing garotte (unless someone showed/ trained him)….so I always discounted Burke as suspect.

    1. You found it through AOL – interesting. I like your argument very much although there are readers here would disagree with you. I think your argument makes a great deal of sense considering your evidence.

    2. There is no boy who killed JonBenet…


      -> The JonBenet Ramsey Murderer has returned…Call this twice convicted child abuser: “Pastor” BOB ENYART LIES & ask him why he KILLS kids: 1-800-8-ENYART

      *Listen to hours of PROOF the FBI & Police in Colorado know about the Serial Child-Killers who organized the kidnappings and murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine — Listen & Judge for Yourself! There’s a DIRTY Deputy from Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office too – Gordon Carroll K-9 officer = GUILTY of CONSPIRACY!

  17. P.S. To my above post if you click on the above blog photos of the victims neck….you can see how the garotte was applied several times….I count 6 furrows of where it dug in round the neck…plus a big bleed splotch from broken skin on the left neck.
    The remaining blog photos (especially the last from rear of neck) show how tightly this locked noose ended up, dug in. I don’t believe a 9 year old would have killed anyone in this manner . Hit someone in the head with a golf club, yes. Used a noose once, yes….But repeated noose strangulation to a total 7 times then a final crushing head blow holeing the skull and cracking it in a spider web pattern to me, indicates….an adult male (at least in body) with adult male strength and not a skinny (see photos) 9 year old 4th grade boy.
    Burke ‘did’ have motive, opportunity, and was on scene…BUT….that doesn’t mean he did it…The letter, the garotte, the repeated strangulation, the force of the at death head blow….to me…indicates…an adult male…(possibly young)…and at the time deranged or high, not the skinny/ nerdy 9 year old.

    1. elementary Watson – thank you for the feedback….your input makes a great deal of sense. Intriguing. I wonder if police are still investigating?

  18. Can we discount the DNA all together as some sort of irrelevant contamination? Also, a lot of people point the finger at Burke. Even if a 9 year old committed such a crime, which I think is highly unlikely, what are the chances the 9 year old could keep his composure and not crack? Even if the child was a truly psychotic, I think a 9yr old wouldn’t understand the full ramifications of the crime and eventually spill the beans to someone. Lets not forget, keeping secrets at a young age is difficult.

  19. Here is the thing, if Burke did it, then one or both of the parents covered it up. Burke certainly did have reason to be jealous of his sister. If she was constantly being showered with gifts the whole time she was competing in child beauty contests, then Burke saw it and had all that time to get to a place of resentment. He was aware of his disdain for his sister’s attention and dreaded one thing more than seeing her get another gift. Christmas. A time where she stood to get tons of gifts and attention.

    If Burke did it, then it became too much for him knowing that in a few short hours, she was going to open her gifts. So he strangled her. She would have fought to breath and he would have freaked out and hit her in the head. How the parents came to realize what had happened is still up for debate. However, the letter was written by an adult who made a great effort to disguise their handwriting. Whoever wrote it, knew that John Ramsey was from the south. They also knew what an attache was. Why not say briefcase or suitcase if it was written by 9 year old, Burke? Or even bag? It is unlikely that a boy that age would even know the word, “countermeasures”, much less what they are and how to use the word. He knew the word “Faction” as well. The note was written by John Ramsey himself after realizing that they stood to lose both of their children on that Christmas day.

    John then cleaned the appropriate areas of the body and planted the DNA in the appropriate spots. Then told Burke not to speak of it. This is a classic case of parents protecting their child who just committed an unforgivable crime.

    Also, why didn’t John Ramsey comply with the note to keep up appearances? He did not take any money out of the bank and then called the police to report his daughter missing.

    Perhaps I am wrong? I may be. I may not be. I can tell you this with 100% certainty though. If Burke killed her out of jealousy, then he was not sexually obsessed with her and was not the one who digitally penetrated her. His goal was get rid of her. Not play doctor with her.

  20. A sibling murder and parental coverup make a lot of sense since I do not believe there is a single piece of evidence suggesting an intruder was even present. With recent Grand Jury indictment revelations, it seems only logical that it was somehow an inside job. The DA’s “vault” release shows the GJ believed the Ramsey parents were covering up and/or obstructing the investigation which seems unbelieveable for innocent parents to do, unless they were protecting someone extremely close to them.

  21. Just a question to fellow sleuths and crime buffs: If your sister was brutally murdered years ago and the case was cold, wouldn’t you be more than willing to help find her killer, answer ANY and ALL questions if the police wanted to talk with you? To date, brother Burke REFUSES to speak to authorities. I guess he just doesn’t care, maybe he still thinks Rolex watches are more important (as a kid, he had asked a detective if he was wearing a Rolex watch)—0R maybe he would kiss-his-life-goodbye if a top-notch interviewer got a hold of him. Why won’t Burke come forward to help get justice for HIS SISTER??!

    1. His question to the cop about the watch shows the sad shallow outlook of the Ramsey household before the little one’s murder. Maybe Burke has been interviewing with police and seeking help but we don’t know about it?

  22. I always thought that Burke was heard on the 911 call asking ‘whats going on’ and someone telling him to go back to his room.

  23. Watson-
    Your post presents all sorts of reasons as to why Burke could not be the killer, but every single instance of that “evidence” is attributed to Patsy covering up Burke’s involvement.

    Burke did it, Patsy knew it, and helped protect him by fabricating the “evidence” you used in your post to discount Burke as a suspect.

    Patsy’s plan worked – you are proof of it working.

    1. Patsy and Burke are the only two who really know the truth about this theory….and Patsy has taken it to her grave. Es tu Burke?

  24. Studied the case for years, read and read and read; Burke and JonBenet were back up that night in the kitchen, for whatever reason they fought, she screamed, he hit her with the flashlight. John and Patsy THOUGHT she was dead, staged the coverup and strangled her. The ONLY scenario that fits in every way.

  25. Bravo, Carol Thomas. I, too, have studied and read, and re-read everything on this case for years. The precise details will probably be taken to the grave by all the Ramseys– but your “nutshell” account of that horrible family tragedy is SPOT ON. Any astute profiler has called it an “inside job.” Not rocket science. It was a domestic situation and the original cops knew it. By the way, Burke was one month shy of 10 years old and towered over petite JonBenet. John Ramsey has really placed a life-sentence-burden on his son. Patsy is dead. Will anyone come forward with the truth? Doubt it. Image, status, physical beauty, money, power — all important to this family. A sad indictment on another “living the American Dream” morphed into a grotesque nightmare. John Ramsey knows and Burke knows. Any parent who “covers up” for a kid –is worried about how the family will look in the eyes of others. If it was a deliberate act of anger or an accident which spiraled into a gruesome cover-up by both parents, a six year old girl’s death has still found no justice.

  26. Profiler John Douglas was hired by the Ramsey camp. Many other top-notch criminal profilers (who distanced themselves from Camp Ramsey) have said this crime was positively an inside job. Period. Money and power talk — this family had both. The name of the game by John and Patsy Ramsey was to throw many of their good friends under the bus, casting suspicion and blame all over the place, to muddy the waters, complicate a simple case of domestic murder — all this to shield son Burke from even being seen or questioned early
    on. I ask you — If your daughter had just been kidnapped and your son was fast asleep, wouldn’t you frantically wake him up to see if he had heard or had seen anything?! As the years pass, their lies grow more absurd. Had they been a poor or average family with no status in the community, boy oh boy the outcome of this case would’ve been different. Ask Alex Hunter, then Mary Lacy, the DNA-pardoning imcompetent DA who really screwed up this case. Money talks. But for how long? Why isn’t the current Boulder DA and cops moving on this? Can the murder of this little girl be covered up like dust under a rug? We’ll see, I guess.

  27. Yes, Burke certainly had motive and opportunity as the unfavored child. After watching Linda Arndt’s interview in 1999 regarding John’s demeanor and how the kidnapping-turned-crime-scene unfolded, I would certainly point suspicion at Burke if not for one piece of critical evidence… the ransom note.

    If we understand why the ransom note exists, then we may be able to decode what really happened. Sure, if you read the note literally, you might just be deceived by its contents. Linda Arndt states that John and Patsy didn’t immediately act distraught when her body was found. Linda also explicitly told John and Patsy to touch nothing while searching the house. John went to the basement and then carried JonBenet’s body upstairs. Also, Linda noted that John seemed too calm after the discovery. This could indicate that at least John may have known she was already dead and where her body was. It doesn’t mean either Patsy or John did it, but it could mean at least John, but possibly both, had already realized her death and, further, who killed her and why.

    Now, consider Burke in this. If Burke were the killer (whether accidental or intentional) and John and Patsy already knew she was dead, they also knew that if they didn’t try to cover for Burke, they would lose both of their children. Since JonBenet was already dead, they could do nothing for her but grieve. But, John could still protect Burke. Hence, the creation of the ransom note.

    Linda Arndt noted that after 10AM rolled around and no one in the household noted the lack of the call the note predicted, this could indicate that John (and Patsy) may have known the note was fake. So, it seems the note may have been created with the sole intention of diverting suspicion away from their then 9 year old son. It was written in full sentences with correct grammar and spelling, something which would likely be difficult for a 9 year old to produce. But, not for John or Patsy.

    Also, I find it odd that when they call the police to report her having been kidnapped that they didn’t search the house from top to bottom? I also find it odd that Linda didn’t search the house when she arrived that morning? In fact, I believe they did search, but not the ‘secret room’. So, they didn’t find her body then. John waited until after 1PM, possibly to have time to think about what other evidence he could contaminate or destroy, to go to the basement to discover her body in that secret room. Instead of grabbing Linda and taking her down there after the discovery, he carries the body up thus contaminating the crime scene.

    As for the sexual trauma to her body. While it seems to have happened, it may or may not be related to her death. Linda noted that the marks were consistent with trauma that had existed for some time prior to that fateful day. So, whatever sexual activity was going on, it apparently had been happening for a while.

    That’s just my assessment of this situation. Note that this is all theory and conjecture. I don’t know if Burke did it or not and it could be someone else the Ramsay’s are covering for .. like another family member babysitter.

    1. I didn’t know the child had signs of sex abuse before the murder. I wonder if her parents addressed that issue and who the perpetrator was. It sounds like this child, whose life was supposedly a fairytale, was living in a nightmare.

      1. JonBenet’s life was far from the ideal fantasy everyone would like to believe. She had a stage mother who dressed her up like a Barbie doll and then shoved her on stage in public to compete. That’s not something most parents would ever do to their child at that age. Not only does that deprive the child of a normal childhood, it puts their child on display in very public places (which is counter to protecting your child).

        Even a Grand Jury believed that, at the bare minimum, John and Patsy Ramsey put JonBenet into a situation that endangered her life.


        Regardless of who actually killed her or for what reason, her parents, her protectors definitely put her into a dangerous situation.

        As for the sexual abuse, I won’t conjecture who did it other than to say you should re-watch the full 20/20 Interview between Barbra Walters and John and Patsy Ramsey again. When you watch, you’ll get a clue. Take special notes around where John allegedly describes JonBenet as a ‘six year old Lolita’ and ‘pint-sized sex kitten’. These are not phrases anyone would typically use to describe a six year old child.

  28. Burke used some tool to hit JonBenet and it was hidden by John in the golf club bag that he asked for later. Maybe Burke was mad because JonBenet took some of his pineapple or because JonBenet was getting the torn-wrapping gifts in the basement.

  29. POLICE CONTACTS who know about Serial Child Killers in CO – CRIMINAL SUSPECTS: 2X convicted child-abuser Robert Adolph Enyart, domestic terrorist Kenneth Tyler Scott, clinically ill co-conspirator Kimberly Kay Bowman & dirty deputy Gordon Carroll from
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  30. cette affaire est un vrai mystere apres tous ce que jai lu et vue cest quelqu’un de linterieur qui a fait sa sans lombre dun doute la note ecrie dans les escalier etait une diversion pour detourner les soupson le jeune burke avais un excelent mobile ils etais jaloue de sa soeur et toute lattention quelle avait jespere quon sauras la vérité un jour.

    1. Yes the young Burke had an excellent motive, being jealous about the attention his sister received. And yes this will always be a mysterious case riddled with doubt and uncertainty.

  31. i would like to know why the video of Burke being questioned by a child psychologist isn’t attached somewhere. In almost every case especially the accusation of a possible child murderer.. it should have been recorded. Another thing I am not quite understanding is the fact about the suitcase that was found in the basement. It is said that there was semen on the clothes that were inside. If that was so why didn’t they see if there was a match from that fluid and from what was left on her upper thigh. even though this child was only 9 at the time why was he still not tested for DNA. Nothing adds up

    1. This case was bungled from the start. The reason for that was primarily due to the diversion of the kidnapping. Police treat kidnapping cases far differently than murder cases. In fact, not even the detective on the scene knew that the house was a crime scene until hours after having been called. The detective definitely knew something didn’t add up, but could not call the house a crime scene until there was evidence a crime had been committed.

      So, the police proceeded on the assumption that it was a kidnapping case which allowed the Ramseys to go about their normal daily lives in the house until the body was found hours later. Once the body was found, in a split second the detectives had to go from treating the house as a kidnapping to a homicide crime scene. And, by the time the house was finally called a crime scene, too much evidence had been lost, moved or contaminated.

      Once it had become a clear homicide investigation, the house had already been walked through, searched, items touched and moved (even the body) and anything in the home would quickly need to became evidence. As a result of realizing the scene was a homicide so much later, it looks like many things were missed, overlooked or ignored as relevant. If her body had been found outside of the home and unmoved, this case may have turned out far different. It’s just that when people are traipsing about a crime scene for hours before knowing that it is, some evidence is inevitably contaminated or lost.

      As for the video not being available on the internet, it’s likely for the same reason JBR’s death certificate is also not available. The video more than likely was recorded, but is most likely sealed under court order.

  32. QUESTION: Why would they cover for the son when they were intelligent enough to now that as a kid on 9, he would be looking at no prison time but treatment, help etc.
    However, I have to admit that a kid of 9 is the kind of person who would think it’s okay to use mom’s notepad to write the letter.

    1. Perhaps they couldn’t bear to admit it to themselves (if it’s true). If they had, they’d lose not one child, but two…if not to the courts then certainly in their hearts.

  33. I have said from the start of this that the little brother killed JonBonet and and I believe that Patsy Ramsey figured it out and helped her son cover it up. The father just went along because Patsy made him, he didn’t want to lose another child, and or he didn’t want the world to know just how screwed up his family really was. I believe after all this time they should question Burke, the father, and any/or all other people that lived in the house or who were related to the Ramsey family, at the time of her death. Because it would be interesting to hear how they remember that night now. Besides a person can carry guilt for only so long before they blow or drive themselves crazy. So Hold Burke, question him, push him, hell check his Dna. By God figure it out. The animal that did this is sick and needs to be punished for a very serious crime against another human being. It is that plain and simple.

    1. I can’t help but agree with you. There just doesn’t seem to have been any other person who had access and possible motive. The father eventually told the press he and his wife killed their daughter by entering her in those pageants and making her into an object.

  34. Most people should know that no one is suggesting that Burke wrote the note. It was well established that Patsy wrote the note. However I have always believed it was either John or Burke who killed her. More and more I’m leaning towards Burke. Law enforcement knows who did it. They just didn’t want to prosecute a 9 year old boy.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you that Burke is the killer. I don’t agree that police aren’t arresting him because they don’t want to prosecute a 9 year old boy. It wouldnt be about prosecution so much as keeping the community safe from this child. Considering the crime he may have already committed at only 9 years old, what will he be doing at 19?

  35. Commenting on the sex abuse allegations: I read a medical report that said JonBenet had been treated for 26 bladder infections….in her 5 short years of life. Amazing. I have 3 kids all young adults now, not one of them has EVER had a bladder infection in their lives. Guess what repeat bladder infections in that young of a child are one of the major red flags for? Sexual abuse. Interesting.

    1. Actually if you go back to the documentary an inter view with her pediatrician she had 27 visits 21 being common colds and resp/ asthma issues but 1 visit for vaginitis. It didnt specify as to what date the visit for vaginitis.but like you said how does a 6 year old complain of anything to do with that area unless something has happened. I really believe her molester was her sibling and things progressed from there. Sad sad case.

  36. Reading through the post and many comments, there are some interestingly valid arguments; however NONE really provide an explanation for the physical evidence indicating PREVIOUS SEXUAL TRAUMA. Plainly said, the girl was being sexually abused, long before she was savagely murdered.

    When one factors in John Ramsey’s daughter from a first marriage that died in an “eerie car accident” weeks after going public with recalled memories of her father sexually abusing her while she was a child; AND, the mystery witness that ddisappeared after making statements that linked Ramsey to child-pornography rings; AND, the kiddie porn found on his company’s computers (not to mention the nude pictures of his own children found)…. I CANNOT fathom how anyone would conclude that Burke is the suspect.

    I think the following presented theory makes most sense: JonBenet was being sexually abused (by her father and friends) & her mother knew about it. As a victim of sexual abuse herself, maybe she felt that “sending her to be with God” was the only way to save her; OR, that she had allowed the abuse to happen for so long, “sacrificing” her was the only way to atone for her sin.

    While it may be fun to play detective, let us remember that we’re dealing with real lives here. Burke was a child when his sister was brutally murdered while he sleep in the house, he grew up with the world calling his parents murderers, and if sexual abuse theories are correct, was likely sexually abused too. Accusing him of being a child murderer based on conjecture and theories, while simultaneously ignoring in-your-face evidence, is simply rubbing salt on the wound. It’s unethical and morally questionable. He didn’t ask to be born into that family.

    Rest in peace little angel… I pray you find the justice you were so strongly denied…. If not in this world, then the next.

  37. After studying this case intently, I believe the killer of Jonbebet was her brother, Burke Ramsey. Based on the evidence, JonBenet is believed to have been killed around midnight to 1 am. She had eaten and ingested pineapple at least an hour before she died. The bowl of pineapple was found on the table of the breakfast nook. The children may have been put to bed, but Burke could have pretended to be asleep as he admits to doing the next morning when police arrived at the house. I think JonBenet could have been assulted in the unoccupied bedroom belonging to the 20 yr old son, John Andrew. A piece of the cord matching the one found around JonBenet’s neck was found in that bedroom and the pillow sham and duvet cover from that bed were found hidden in the samsonite suitcase in the basement under the window. Why would those items be in that suitcase? They belonged on the bed or if extra bedding, stored in the closet of that bedroom. Police found fibers on those two items that belonged to JonBenet. Burke most likely woke up a sleeping JonBenet and was engaging in some kind of game. He had been involved with the boy scouts and therefore had knowledge of knots. Mr. Ramsey also had an extensive knowledge of knots as he was into sailing and boats. He could have taught Burke some of the knowledge of ropes and knots as a father-son activity over the years. The findings suggest that JonBenet was stranggled to death prior to the head blow that left an 8 inch crack in her skull. If she had been hit in the head first there would have been a lot of blood from the head wound and also from her eyes and nose. A hit to the head after she was dead would happen if the perpatrator was angry that she was not responding becasue she was dead. Hearing a struggle or other noises, the parents went to investigate and discovered that JonBenet was clearly dead. This set off the rest of the scenario as the parents began to stage the crime scene to make it look like a planned kidnapping for ransom. Many have said that it seems like Mr. Ramsey dictated the ransom note as Patsy wrote it. Words and phrases in the note came from movies such as Dirty Harry and Speed. Movies probably watched by Mr. Ramsey and not the knd of movies I see Patsy as having watched. They were covering up for Burke’s actions and trying to keep their family intact. Patsy would only cover up such an accident/murder if it was to protect her only other biological child, Burke. If her husband had murdered her favorite child, Patsy would have eventually turned against him as the statistics show in such circumstances of parents who kill their own children. She would have divorced her husband and sought custody of her son and probably relocated to Georgia or West Virginia where she was originally from.
    I don’t believe she and John went to bed or back to bed. Patsy was still dressed in the same outfit she wore to the White’s party the night before. She calls 911 and then immediately calls some friends and her pastor to come over to the house. She and John do not wake Burke to ask him if he knows where his sister is or if he saw or heard anything. Why not? Because they knew what happened already. The critical 8-10 am window of time passes without any incoming phone call from a kidnapper, and nobody in the house acknowledges this? The parents’ should have been sitting close to the phone, if indeed their daughter had been snatched, that phone would have been the only lifeline to her and the only possibility of getting her back! Nope, not these parents. When several more hours passed, the detective asked John and Mr. White to search the house (again) for anything unusual, but not to touch anything. The detective reports that John made a beeline for the basement where he was the person to find the body while it was Mr. White who yelled, “We need an ambulance”. Mr. Ramsey carried the body up to the hallway. It was as if he wanted to move the situation along as the family had plans to leave later that day on his private plane. In fact, after the dead body of his daughter is discovered, Mr. Ramsey called his pilot to ready the plane! The detective told him he could not leave. Very unusual behavior.
    When Burke was interviewed about the incident, he did seem more interested in anything except his dead sister. In fact, when he was laying in bed and pretending to sleep but could hear the voices of the police in the house his thought was about how the family would be tied up all day and that would delay their departure to their vacation home!
    Most children who have just found out that their sibling has been snatched by a stranger or “boogyman” in the night and is now missing would show intense fear and concern for their own safety! Perhaps the “boogyman” will come back for him! But Burke, from all available evidence, showed none of these fears or concerns. Why? Because he knew there was no stranger who came into their house in the night. There was no one to fear because he was the one who inflicted harm on JonBenet and his parents knew this and helped cover up the whole thing by staging the scene and writing that ridiculously long ransom note which was written on a notepad in the house with a felt tip marker also in the house. Looking at the crime scene photos again, I noticed that it appears that a suitcase had been opened and the clothes thrown about on the bed in John Andrews room. Patsy was trying to conceal the room where the murder took place. I also read that some of JonBenet’s hair was found in the green garland that was decorating the spiral staircase that leads from the second floor children’s bedrooms down to the kitchen. In other words, JonBenet’s body was carried from the second floor down that staircase and then down to the basement where it was placed in the wine cellar and covered with a blanket in an attempt to hide it in the least likely location in the house. JonBenet had not been raped, but there was evidence that she had been violated by either a finger or long foreign object. Burke would have done this.
    Many professionals over the years have said it looks like an inside job. That’s probably because it was.
    The Ramsey’s were wealthy people. After the death why did they not start a foundation to help other parents’ of murdered children? Why doesn’t John or Burke now continue to look for the killer or try to keep the case alive so that it never happens to another little girl? Because they know it wasn’t a stranger or outsider responsible. It was an accidental death and family tragedy and there is no “boogyman” out there waiting to do this to another little girl.

    1. Very well explained, I was about to post a similar comment myself. In addition:

      Jonbenet had a BED WETTING problem at 6 years old. This sometimes occurs in victims of SEXUAL ABUSE. Burke, being a young boy starting to hit puberty, may have started to have urges and curiosity about girls. Could he had been sexually abusing her for a while and on the day of the murder, something went wrong (like she tried to get away or yell for help), resulting in him committing this crime? They did say she wasn’t “traditionally” assaulted, but a small object used. This makes me think it was either someone curious about sexuality, or a coverup. That this wasn’t a purely sexual crime.

      The PINEAPPLE, I believe, is a major clue. It puts the two of them together an hour before her death. I have also read reports of her being struck 45 minutes BEFORE death… If that’s true, did Jonbenet eat the pineapple just 15 minutes before suffering a blow to the head? Unless Burke ate the pineapple sometime before Jonbenet, this only gives him 15 minutes to get to bed and supposedly “sleep through the incident”.

      The SUITCASE is questionable. I hadn’t heard reports about the sheets being in there, but if true, I also wonder why they were in there. Also, isn’t a suitcase a little… unstable to climb up onto – Especially one filled with light weight bedsheets? Did the police attempt to climb out the window using the suitcase as a step, as they claim an intruder might of? If they did this demonstration and the suitcase falls over (while they are on it or once they step off of it) then how could they have found an upright suitcase under the window if not planted there (or there by chance, of course)?

      When watching the INTERVIEWS of the Ramsey parents, I thought to myself, “I don’t think they did it, but John appears to be hiding something”. I didn’t pick up the same vibe from Patsy, but I believed he knew who did it. Originally I thought maybe it was a close friend or maybe a relative of his, but then I thought, “There’s no way they would adamantly defend and try to cover up this crime for a friend or even possibly not for a relative… but they DEFINITELY would for their son”.

      The SHOE PRINTS found in the basement and around the house… A crime show I watched mentioned that the Ramsey’s had some people from the neighborhood in for a Christmas event of some kind a week before. This crime show even mentioned “the intruder could’ve used this to case out the house” – true, but wouldn’t that mean anybody during this event could have been walking around unattended? Perhaps those shoe prints were from a curious neighbor. I myself admit to being curious to explore people’s homes (I’m a interior design student).

      I listened to the recording of THE CALL. At the end, while the dispatcher is trying to see if Patsy is still on the line, the subtitles are “Help me, Jesus. Help me, Jesus. Help me.”, but it doesn’t even sound like Patsy’s voice. It sounds like a man in the back talking to her asking “What did you do? What did you do? Patsy?” after thinking Patsy had hung up. At this time, and no sooner, do I think John knew what happened. I think Burke committed the crime, Patsy found out (either because Burke was scared and told her or Patsy found her like that), wrote the note, staged a cover up, and then called police. It was late, maybe John had just woken up to the sounds of Patsy on the phone with police. Speaking of calls, apparently they called police despite the note saying no and didn’t even wait near the phone when the kidnappers were to call? And then NO ONE CALLED. IF it were a real kidnapping the kidnappers wouldn’t have known by that time if Jonbenet’s body was already found. They likely would’ve called even though they already killed her, to try and still get the money from the Ramsey’s, it the true motive was monetary extortion (as generally the case of kidnappings with ransom notes…)

      The DNA evidence they have are very small samples, possibly trace from multiple people and locations (on the underwear from the manufacturing or sale of the garment, as it was brand new and the fingernails from people she had shaken hands with, for example).

      The RANSOM NOTE length is strange for a kidnapper. Also, it says it was a terrorist group (S.B.T.C)? Did the police ever find any evidence this group existed? The note was far shakier in the beginning than near the end. This causes me to believe the writer (Patsy?) was nervous, shocked, distraught, or frightened near the beginning and calmed down toward the end of the note. Going by this assumption, you can also notice changes in the overall text appearance, showing that the writer started trying to disguise their writing, but when they were more relaxed, their natural style had started to appear. Also note the word “attache” < with an accent over the e. This is not a commonly used word which has French roots – implying the writer may have been interested in French language or culture. The amount asked for ($118,000) is curious, and I've read it was John's bonus amount? So it would make sense the person knew John's income – family, friends, or work associates? They were very rich, why not ask for a higher, rounded number? Like $250,000, $500,000 , or $1 Million?

      The only thing I am debating is WHAT EXACTLY BURKE DID, and WHAT WAS THE COVER UP? (Oh, and what caused the burn mark – I read it might not be a stun gun after all due to the placing of the prongs not aligning with the mark on Jonbenet, or something along those lines)

      Did Burke just hit her, like he had 2 years before with a golf club, then get scared and tell his parents? That explains the gap between the blow to the head and the strangulation – maybe Patsy (it was her art supplies after all) or John or whoever was covering the tracks, thought unconscious Jonbenet was already dead.

      OR did Burke commit the choking as well? Strangulation is a personal way of murder, maybe due to his jealousy of her he did that just to make sure she was dead? After hitting her, he used his knowledge of knots and his mother's art supplies to make this because he knew he couldn't with his own hands? That also explains any gap between the blow to the head and the strangulation.

      In any case, I believe that Burke did it, Mom found out and covered it up, and they agreed to keep it secret so that they wouldn't lose their son. It's human nature to protect your child, most parents would never turn their son in for a crime. What they didn't know though, is kids under 10 (I believe that's the age, or 12) can't be imprisoned for any crime. They probably only would've made him undergo intense therapy the rest of his childhood until he turned 18. But by the time they found that out, it was too late and they had covered it up, meaning they would've gone to jail too.

      The idea that an intruder could've came in through a basement window without disturbing webs, found Jonbenet, sexually assaulted her "non-traditionally", hit her/stunned her, looked around the house for paper, a pen, and found items to construct a garrote with, wrote a 2.5 page ransom letter, garroted her, threw a sheet over her body, placed the letter somewhere it would be found, then went back into the basement and used a suitcase to escape out the same window, WITHOUT being heard or seen by anyone in the house or neighbours (at 12-1AM), and leaving very little evidence…

      All seems highly unlikely.

  38. The boy was molested by the father. And had been for years. Whether or not the mom was aware of it, who knows. Maybe she wasn’t because she was so wrapped up in the superficial pageant BS. But then again maybe she did know but did nothing which is so typical in most of those types of cases. And just as awful as the molester themselves. To know something like that and do nothing.

    The boy had been created into a Sociopath due to the molestation and the parents knew it. He had shown signs of it early on in life but they ignored it. Until one day his anger went too far. The clothes and blankets were left next to her as a term of remorse and hoping that where she is going at least she would have those things with her… thoughts of a child.

    The parents found out what had happened and planted the ransom note themselves to make it appear that it was from someone out of the house to protect their now only living child because they knew deep down that they had created him to be this way.

    The mom died of ovarian cancer because that is where all of her hurt and pain of her children’s lives subsided within where they lived in her womb. She bottom line does know what happened and held it in killing herself in the long run.

    The amount of money on the ransom note is too precise to the cents and usually ransom notes are rounded to the nearest dollar.

  39. Going back to the ransom note, there is one teeny tiny little clue that was touched on briefly but quickly dismayed, is the word on the first page “attache”. This word is spelt with an accent mark above the “e”. This is a word where they screwed up. They included the accent mark over the “e”, not only because that is how it’s spelt, but also because they are so use to putting the accent mark over the “e” just like how Jonbenet puts one over her second “e” in her name.

    Only one with a well education and sophisticated grammar would use a word like that and know to put an accent mark over the “e”.

    Really, just that one little clue alone is enough to know where the letter was composed from let alone finding, in their house, the notepad and black marker that was used to write the note.

    Back in 1996, just a day after this all happened, I’ll never forget and I still remember it to this day, like it was yesterday and have not forgotten it since, is the first time the mom and dad were on the news being hit with a ton of reporters and questions, Patsy was an hysterical, emotional wreck, whether or not it was an act, only they know, however, John was walking behind her with a smeark on his face. I will NEVER forget that creepy smeark. I said it then and I’ll keep saying to this day, because I seen that smeark for myself I instantly knew he was guilty. I asked my family that was watching it with me at the time, “did you just see that, did you see that mans smeark, he is guilty, he either did it or he knows who did”. The smeark was as if he was laughing at his wife. And he showed absolutely no emotion. No anger, sadness or tears… NOTHING!

  40. While I can easily imagine a jealous brother whacking his sister over the head with an object or engaging in rough sex play with her, it is harder to imagine a child of that age using a garrote. No, it is not, strictly speaking, impossible. It is, however, unlikely. How many 9-year-olds know what a garrote is, let alone how to use one?

    If my understanding is correct, Jonbenet was struck in the head first, before the garrote was used. Since a garrote is a very adult way of killing, to believe Burke did it, we have to believe either that he knew about garrotes or that his parents tried to cover up for him by fashioning one themselves. This defies probability.

    If Burke were indeed capable of such a thing at age 9, this kind of sadism would have shown itself in other ways, namely bullying or animal cruelty. There is no indication that this is the case. Given all the publicity the murder got, someone–a housekeeper, a teacher, the parent of a playmate–would have come forward with this information.

    And if the parents used the garrote? We are asked to believe that they found their injured daughter and did not rush her to the hospital and that they actually killed her themselves to cover up Burke’s (alleged!) crime.

    It also seems to me that if Burke had done this, there was a simpler way to handle this rather than the elaborate ransom note scenario. They could have said, “the kids came home after a long exciting day, hyper from presents and too much sugar and started playing ‘pirates.’ Burke used a golf club as an imaginary sword and while they were ‘dueling,’ he struck too hard. Jonbenet rushed up to him just as he swung the club. This was a tragic accident.” Since at that age, Burke could not have been prosecuted for murder, the legal risk to him was close to zero. This story is consistent with the evidence and is a lot easier to sell than the fake kidnapping.

    Yes, I know: Burke *could* have used a garrote. However, the odds against it are huge. I can’t see tarnishing a young man’s reputation on the basis of something that *might* have happened, even though it is unlikely.

  41. They’ll be discussing it until the cold cased murder is solved.
    At least one thing is for sure and that is someone in that family murdered that little girl. Everybody who was involved and/or heard about the case, police, friends, co-workers, other family members, the public, etc… ALL know that it was done in the house by a family member. She was murdered by her own family and they covered it up PERIOD! There comes a point and time that if human law can’t come to a conclusion because of evidence but yet tons of people in the world all have the same gut feeling about the case, then there, that’s it case solved. It’s called God’s law. It’s just a matter of which one of the 3 actually did the murder. And only them and God knows. They are all 3 guilty of the crime, the cover up. But who murdered her. They should both, John & Burke, obviously not Patsy, should do time just for that reason alone. That household is good with sneaky, creepy, forbidden, deep dark (molestation) secrets so they think they’re good at their lies but they’re not. It will come out soon and I hope it’s before 2096 because I want to see this MF be brought down. Brought down in the human eye because he’s already being tortured by his demands.

    BTW John Ramsey on Barbara Walters 11/05/15 to defend accusations made towards Burke.

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