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Tales from the Dark Side….for Real

There is something cool about this Tales from the Dark Side episode – ending is a bit predictable but I like:

  1. the old quality of it – a classic
  2. the storyline
  3. the idea of selling one’s soul but not as typical as in other movies
  4. the hilarious hair and fashion the secretary is wearing – totally 80’s or what?

You can buy a person’s soul online if you’re interested.  Personally i wouldn’t pay more than a buck.  Check this link: http://mwillett.org/atheism/selling_my_soul.htm for an atheist this guy really thinks highly of his soul ($60,000.00 U.S.).

Or if you are interested in doing business with the lord of the flies himself, check this link:  http://www.dpjs.co.uk/sell.html

watch selling your soul to the devil actually works?

when you are really feeling brave (and stupid and worthless): http://www.necronomi.com/projects/666/pact.html

watch pact with the devil documentary

here is the option of putting your soul up for auction (as if anybody wants it); http://demonical.com/sellyoursoul.htm

Watch i sold my soul to the devil

Where do you suppose Satanists and other such cults emerge from? Personally I believe it is like kids joining gangs, the neo-nazi movement and cults that recruit people for their use.  The Satanists, cult members, neo-nazis and others are misfits; losers; social isolates without family to love them and with few, if any friends.  These are the easiest people to recruit into satanic cults although generally cults only want people who can fulfill their needs. Hence the reason people are recruited and do not “join” a cult. watch initiation trailer

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