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Aileen Wuornos isn’t the First Female Serial Killer in America..or Many Other Places for that Matter

If you have been following my bleak blog (bless you from the bottom of my dark soul) then by now you know there are 2 basic types of psychopaths:

  1. primary – those without empathy or remorse
  2. secondary – those who exhibit remorse and guilt

There are also 2 basic serial killer types:

  1. those who work alone
  2. those who work with a partner (whom eventually is the fall guy for all the crimes – hey no honour among thieves, or something like that)

Aileen Wuornos fits #1 into both categories, however she was far from the first female who went out on killing sprees on a whim.  Her distinction as an SK is in her predatorystatus. watch Worst Three Female Serial Killers 1/3

However female SKs are anything but rare:

Belle Gunness – or Lady BlueBeard – 1859 – 1908 (why do SKs always get these adorable nicknames)? total victims: 40. She murdered 2 husbands, several suitors, an undetermined number of offspring, and still had time to manage her farm which she fertilized with her loved one’s remains. watch the story of serial killer belle gunness

Brenda Spencer – “I Don’t Like Mondays“.  Watch Deadly Women: Female Sociopaths. Technically Brenda was a spree killer, someone who takes out a lot of people at one time and often in public. Spencer’s sanity was never in question: she knew right from wrong and deliberately plotted the murders of several schoolchildren. She became the subject of Bob Geldof’s best-selling single “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Best-selling?  I don’t get that one either. read Dr Bonn Blog – Dr Bonn explains the difference in serial killers, spree killers and mass murderers

Nurse Bobby Sue Dudley – “Angel of Mercy” total victims: 12; convicted of killing 4. Dudley was charged with the care of several elderly people in a Florida nursing home. Her idea of assisting the ill was to do away with them so they didn’t have to suffer.  Dudley outdid many such “angels of mercy”: she offed 12 patients in 13 days, a bit on the manic side even for an SK. No surprise Dudley suffered from Munchausen Syndrome, brought about by a neglectful childhood.watch Twisted Minds – 32:30 – 44:19

Nannie Doss – The Giggling Granny – 1905 – 1965 total victims:  11
Aside from an unhappy childhood, when Nannie was around seven years old, the family took a train to visit relatives in southern Alabama when the train stopped suddenly. Little Nannie hit her head on the metal bar on the seat in front of her. For years after, she suffered severe headaches, blackouts and depression; she blamed these and her future mental instability on that accident. Oh, that old excuse. Nannie murdered her mother, children, grandchildren, and her 4 husbands.  During her trial she giggled delightedly, earning her the infamous nickname. watch nannie doss the giggling granny

Blanche Taylor Moore – 1933 – total proven victims:  3.  Blanche’s preferred weapon was arsenic. She did away with 2 husbands and her daddy. There are other speculated victims, including several friends and relatives but none of them have been exhumed for further evaluation. Other possible victims include her mother-in-law Isla Taylor. Well, we can forgive her that one.  You know how in-laws can be. watch Black Widow’s ex-husband reacts to death row challenge.

Dorothy Puente –  1933 – 2011 – total victims: approximately 12.  An elderly woman who ran a boarding house for transient and elderly folk.  She poisoned and buried several people in her backyard as a means of stealing social security cheques. watch worst 3 female serial killers – 2:15

Anna Marie Hahn – 1906 – 1938 total victims: approximately 4 . Anna murdered elderly gentlemen in order to fund her gambling addiction. Anna prowled several apartment buildings looking for elderly men who were in need of medical care or a housekeeper.  While working Anna stole anything of value in sight. Anna developed her second addiction: stealing from elderly men then murdering them. watch worst three female serial killers 3/3

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