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Serial Killers Have a Tender Side too, You Know

You know, serial killers aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be.  Obviously I’m not referring to the nasty ones who torture their victims and also attack kids. Phooey on them. Generally there are some truisms that apply to most but not all serials regardless of how freakish they are:

  1. compulsion to kill is a misnomer – few serials feel a maniacal need to kill
  2. average or slightly above average intelligence – there are no prodigies who fit into this scene
  3. they don’t use the same MO unless they discover it works rather well
  4. 3 or 4 victims are maximum
  5. lack of remorse and empathy
  6. little or no planning before the crime
  7. pathological but not psychotic

This blog however deals with exceptional serials, the type who actually do have remorse and who even turn themselves in to police before they commit another murder. These men are not fully pathological….they are classified as secondary psychopaths risk-takers, but stress-reactive, worriers, and guilt-prone. They are vulnerable to stress, hence the reason this type is not “fully psychopathic.”  watch identifying different types of psychopaths

Unique characteristics about secondary psychopaths:

  1. exposure to environmental influences
  2. poor self-concept
  3. guilt feelings unrelated to the crime; hence the reason
    remorse doesn’t prohibit further crime
  4. punished indiscriminately during childhood for both positive and negative behaviours
  5. strong indiscriminate emotional responses to any behaviours due to a chaotic childhood  read secondary psychopaths and guilt

This is not to say anyone would bring a secondary psychopath home to meet mother (he might kill her), but the SP serves as an anomaly in psychopathy. There is still a coldness and lack of emotional involvement during the stalking, raping and killing; that’s the psychopathy part.  But the emotional aspect make little sense where there average SK is concerned.  This is the part that fascinates me.  This may be the sort of thing that misleads women into believing their husband/ brother /boyfriend / father cannot possibly be the killer police have arrested for his heinous crimes.  Watch Married to an accused serial killer

Speaking of fathers, a young woman named Melissa Moore detailed her  life as the child of a serial killer. watch shattered silence – Melissa Moore.  She witnessed a loving, playful father and a Jekyll/Hyde who strangled her kittens and detailed his murders. Such contradictory and creepy behaviour might have tipped off older children, but a little girl could make no sense of it. Mind you, Jesperson didn’t display remorse for the murders he committed, nor did he ever turn himself in. In his case, primary, rather than secondary psychopath, is a more fitting description. watch shattered silence: the untold story if a serial killers daughter

One thing I do know, remorseful or not I’m not likely to spend an evening with a secondary psychopath as I am unlikely to blog about it later.  Unless he is so overcome with empathy that he lets me leave with most of my oddball person intact.  Goth rules.  watch Richard Kuklinski: The iceman – 2:16 – 4:16

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