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UNESCO and Obama are far More Dangerous than 100 Ted Bundy’s

He’s never raped a woman and he’s never pointed a gun at anyone’s head but I’m willing to bet that the 30,000 soldiers Obama sent to Afghanistan weeks before he received the Nobel Peace Prize are guilty of these crimes. Behold the false modesty with which Obama addresses the elitist Oslo crowd, claiming, “I am convinced that adhering to international standards strengthens those who do.”   Sending thousands of soldiers into a pointless war while accepting the prize seems to adhere to those international standards in Obama’s book.  Can the deaths of thousands of people truly be justified by a primarily pathological international standard of violence?

UNESCO frightens me far more than a Bundy or a John Wayne Gacy.  Its aim to create a “single world” smacks loudly of Big Brother in the oppressive novel 1984, and that simply cannot be a good thing. Preparing the world for a one world government, although highly unlikely, is a dangerous evil. Whose government will the world emulate?  Which race will retain stronger rights than others, since we know that equity and equality are non-existent in both the Western and Eastern worlds.  They claim their focus is on international education is to deliver earlier education to children in Africa who are not receiving education before attending elementary school.  This is a mere distraction. watch UNESCO’s work in ECE and education 

There is a vastly different system in place.  The truth behind the premise presents a discordant reality.  watch african stories – women ‘s education  What is the obstacle in delivering an education for children and adults in many countries in Africa? Julian Huxley, a founding member of UNESCO, wrote that “the lowest strata are producing too fast. They must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment…to be produced or to survive.”  Hence the reason education in poorer  nations is so scarce.  The Huxley initiative to UNESCO is known as American Eugenics. UNESCO’s true purpose is to create a world culture where people serve the state. Individualism and free thought are anathema to this goal. watch war on the weak:  eugenics in america

Does this remind you of the novel 1984?  It should.  George Orwell, an insider privy to this propoganda wrote a fiction as a warning to the rest of the world.  Ultimately Orwell paid a price. 6 months after Orwell penned his masterpiece he succumbed to tuberculosis, yet his vision of England as a Stalin-esque nation was planted worldwide. The tragic irony of course lay in Orwell’s death after releasing a novel expressing radical political views.  Read 60 years after Orwell wrote 1984 and was destroyed by the book, a chilling reminder that his vision is reality

Here’s another lovely example for one world culture.  During the second world war, Alan Turing, a brilliant computer pioneer broke the Nazi Enigma Code. Not only was Turing working on advanced problems in biology and physics, he had already contributed his major part to the development of  the intelligent computer. What’s more, Turing was an accomplished long distance  runner who considered entering the Olympics as a cross-country runner. Was there anything Turing couldn’t do?  The short answer is yes.  Turing couldn’t dispute the bias against his homosexuality and he suffered the humiliation of a trial by the British Government which found him guilty and stripped him of many privileges, such as working in cipher intelligence. He was ordered to undergo hormone treatments that made him grow breasts and left him impotent. Two years later, Turing committed suicide via cyanide injection.  How’s that for one world vision? watch alan turing the father of computer science 

It is the pathology behind the world’s leaders, CEOs of major organizations and UNESCO, that reveal a primary psychopathy that unnerves me.  A serial killer on the streets?  Pah.  He will only take out maybe half a dozen unsuspecting folk.  A psychopath in command of a nation?  He will take out several million or more.  It’s the numbers, more than the crime, that keep me awake at night.  watch manipulative people

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