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Aesop’s Children’s Fables Help Explain Children Who Kill

There is always an Aesop moral from an Aesop fable and the irony is that many of them apply to the evil deeds of dysfunctional, deadly children. I don’t know what it is about kids who kill but the unnaturalness of it seems magnified in people under 18.  And people under 14 creep me out even more.  The first 3 things I ask myself:

  1. What kind of life has this kid been living?
  2. Is there any hope for this child’s future and personality development?
  3. is there a genetic link at work here?  watch the wolf and the crane

The possibility of genetic capability and defects in neurotransmitters (brain cells and brain pathways) lurks in the back of my mind.  Unusually aggressive females and males who are more prone to violence than your average teen have a markedly lower percentage of a brain hormone called serotoninLow 5-HIAA (serotonin) levels in neurological studies, suggests a strong connection with violent suicide and physical aggression:

  • low 5-HIAA may be associated with impulsivity, hyperirritability, suicide, depressed mood and heightened anxiety
  • low 5-HIAA linked to impulsive, antisocial aggressiveness
  • low 5-HIAA reported in children with disruptive behaviour
  • watch vincent

However nurture is most likely the culprit or at least the strongest influence on violent children.  Using the example of 11-year-old Mary Bell in the video above, this factor is stressed in Bell’s murder of 2 children.  Her mother Florence, as stated in the video, was a sadomasochistic prostitute who included Mary in her transactions with client, an obviously negative environmental influence. If Mary also possess low 5-HIAA this proved to be a deadly combination. watch children who kill

Frequently neglect and abuse lead to a murderous rage that the child cannot control. Doubtless the media and contemporary children’s games and videos are also negative influences on unstable children. Relationships with parents that are strained can contribute to extremely dangerous impulses in some children. The resulting carnage  seems to suggest there is far more anger than is warranted in these children; either the family is more dysfunctional than appears on the surface, or the child has hidden abnormalities that have not been diagnosed and examined. watch too young to kill – 15 – shocking crimes part 4

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