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Plenty of Fish – and Sea Monsters – in the Sea

The seemingly endless and heartbreaking Victoria Stafford murder trial continues to dominate headlines.  Recently a line (pun) that caught my attention was where Rafferty the Freak was meeting women: online using that free dating site Plenty of Fish.  You’ve heard of it? And we thought the Craigslist Killer was wicked (he was). This might serve as a heads-up to women and men who use sites to meet and greet. watch the little girl who was forgotten 

Many people on those sites aren’t what they seem: you might think you’re chatting with a 23-year-old female hottie and discover you’re actually chatting with a 56-year-old fat-bellied male.  Yikes. And that’s just the disappointing, nasty stories you hear about.  The Stafford case is so unthinkably horrific and this Rafferty creep used it to meet and establish several relationships with women over the course of one year.Watch the lady and the reaper

Certainly sends a strong message about proceeding with extreme caution on internet dating sites. A serial killer named Stephen Griffiths joined a British dating site known as Soul Mates. His profile was eerily correct; you simply had to know he was a murderer to put the pieces together. The phrases that truly creep me out include: “My occupation involves  homicide research which demands a lot of emotional detachment” and  “maybe I have a portrait of Dorian Gray hidden away“. Dorian Gray of course is a goth’s literature dream: a young extremely beautiful homosexual man makes a deal with the devil to remain forever young while only his portrait aged and displayed the evil that grew inside him. Read serial killings suspects searched for women on dating site

You may be interested in reading the 2006 book Killers on the Web: True Stories of Internet Cannibals, Murderers and Sex Criminals, the author Steve Morris and his co-writer Christopher Berry-Dee examined what they called “the darkest recesses of the world wide web” not to freak yourself out (although this too is fun) but to keep yourself informed if surfing for sex is your raison d’etre. watch behind closed doors

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