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Is Transgenderism Against Me or For Me?

You know how 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20? Well is transgender the new binary gender system of late? More and more people, some famous, some not, are coming forward with admissions of transgenderism, almost as if it was a mortal sin. They remind me of all the bipolars who have taken the spotlight in recent years.  My question is why does one choose to tell the media and the whole world s/he is transgendered (or bipolar for that matter)?  Perhaps in doing so they hope their fight can assist others who do not have the support needed to live with this “disorder“.watch our america with lisa ling

Against Me! is a fitting name for Tom Gabel’s Florida-based punk rock band and it wouldn’t surprise me if he created the name with life as a transsexual in mind: Gabel has revealed to the world that he is a transgender woman, or at least that he soon will be, except he refers to it as “gender dysphoria“, the technical name found in the DSM-IV-TR. In Gabel’s case it makes sense to reveal his transgender status: Gabel, a public figure, is on the verge of beginning this long and painful transition while retaining his lead singer status in his band. Here’s the kicker: Gabel is married to a woman and they both have a 2-year-old daughter who will eventually have two mothers and no father.  This also means that under Florida law, Gabel’s marriage is not recognized. He should move to Ontario. watch against me’s tom gabel comes out as transgender

Interestingly Gabel refers to the DSM label of gender dysphoria himself, an admission that transgenderism is a mentally/psychologically abnormal condition.  In fact, the DSM lists gender dysphoria so that therapists can approach it with an effectual cure yet it  would seem in Gabel’s case that there is no cure in the definitive sense. Gabel isn’t seeking to resolve himself to living life as a man. He is making the transition to womanhood (and all the headaches that go with that…but that’s another blog entirely). The majority of transgendered people who “come out” publicly do the same, or if unable or unwilling to undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS),  choose to live as though they are the opposite sex. watch transgender identity CNN larry king live

DSM listed homosexuality as a personality disorder until 1973. DSM can list transgender but it cannot cure, nor deny the fact, that transgenders exist and have the right to choose their own route…regardless of whose Against Them.

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